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Online prompter…very cool!

Posted by prof e on January 25, 2008

If you’ve ever used a prompter so that you can appear as smart and articulate on camera as your local TV anchor, you know that they are great…but not always readily available. Well, here’s the next best thing. You can turn your desktop or laptop into a makeshift prompter at this website. is a free, online app that allows you to input text and then display the scrolling text full-screen. With control over speed, direction and font size this free app is very cool. It even has a mirror image mode for those who may have the means to project the image off of angled one-way glass. But for most of us, setting up our video camera lens just to the side or above our screen–with some distance between us and the screen/lens–will provide decent results. If you’re using your video conferencing camera, e.g. iSight, you’re all set. Check it out at!


7 Responses to “Online prompter…very cool!”

  1. Cody Ethredge said

    For anyone looking to do a low grade presentation or so forth, this would be highly beneficial. These days there is a website that could help us to do anything we want to do. From presentations, to translating things, or creating a bomb from our old VCR.

  2. Thomas Johnson said

    This invention could definitely help out someone like me. I’m a very quiet guy and occasionally I draw a blank when talking to someone. With this I could sort out some of my thoughts and stay on topic.

  3. Kenneth Moses said

    Having an online prompter would be cool. I think some of the technology that is being developed in this day in age is really neat. The only issue I have is that with all these new gadgets I feel as if we are going to become lazy as a society. Other than that I feel that this gadget would help shy people and even help us out with other technology such as DVD players and VCR’s. One thing that I have noticed is that text is becoming huge in society and in the media. The ability of texting has helped this society and world out in many different ways.

  4. Caitlyn Jewell said

    Who would have thought? Technology in our society is sky’s the limit. This is exciting especially for future news reporters. With the control an individual can have with the prompter on their personal laptop, it can be a great way to practice for speeches in a class or for reporting a news story on camera. This just goes to show with access to the internet, it leads to immediate access to things such as a prompter, maps for direction, news papers, and many many other things.

  5. j.payne said

    this would and could be very beneficial for some. people who don’t like talking to people that much or who are very anti social, this would be an alternative for them. Although our world today is extremely lazy already with all the new technology being built and braodcast now days, i guess it’ll just add to the list.

  6. Niccollo Lopez said

    I think this is a great idea for the user-generated era of online media. Making the equipment/programs/applications that the professionals use available to the general public has sparked a revolution. The first thing that comes to mind are podcasts. A lot of this video podcasts have amazing production value with little to no financial backing. I actually perfer watching this videos over television sometimes. Just looking through the applications on my laptop, I find that I can make my own video podcasts. Whether it is good or not is a different story. Things like this make it possible for people other than the “news stations” to relay information to us. In some ways it feels like you could trust them more because you know them on a more personal level.

  7. Steve Titus said

    Can you say use for high school television stations or those trying to do video blogs or something?

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