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Super Superbowl

Posted by prof e on February 1, 2008

This year’s superbowl may be the most super of them all when Nielsen tallies the numbers. The playoff games have had huge audiences, and the fact that the Pats are on a roll to a record season helps. All the spots were sold long ago at a record $2.5-3 million per. Pundits say we should expect more women-oriented spots because of the proximity to V-day. That’s no surprise as the SuperBowl has become a truly family affair and has seen its female audience grow over the years. Hopefully there will be something worth talking about around the cooler on Monday.


4 Responses to “Super Superbowl”

  1. Ira Negron said

    This year’s super bowl was one of the best I’ve viewed in year. The fact that it was an outstanding game that was decided in the 4th quarter made it a super bowl that all football fans could appreciate. Now days, because of the impact on media on sporting events, there were some creative commercials that kept viewer interested during breaks between playing time in the game. Because of the chance for the New England Patriots to follow threw with their goal of having an undefeated season also made the game that much more important and also put a cloud of the game that made it feel like people could be viewing a part of history. Watching the final seconds’ tick of the play clock and seeing the New York Giants crowned Super Bowl Champions over the one loss New England Patriots was priceless.

  2. kenneth moses said

    The super bowl this year was really interesting to me. The game was good and even the commercials were really good. Well for the most part in class we were told to watch the super bowl commercials and decide what commercials we liked and disliked. This year’s super bowl had the undefeated team which was the patriots and the under dogs was the New Your Giants. The reason for many people watching this game was that there has only been one other undefeated team in the history of football and that was like many years back. I would have to say the reason for so many females watching this game was due to the celebrity statues of each two of the quarterbacks

  3. Brittny Thompson said

    The super bowl game wasnt the reason i tuned in. It was for the commercials. Most of them came out pretty good, like the Justin Timberlake one or Naomi Cambelle and the lizzards. Although i didnt see every single commercial during the super bowl they are all still airing everyday on regular TV so it really wasnt a big deal.

  4. charles cruz said

    This is not surprising that the Super bowl boasts advertisements spots at $2.5-3m per minute. With an average audience of over 40million in a country that has a total population of 314 million approximately. Every single person has almost a 100% chance of either watching the Super bowl or coming into contact with someone who did. This is shown in the common results of the football game along with any content affiliated will be up for discussion following the game. I would suspect that with regular television viewers switching to internet video streaming that this number may drop to the more divers methods of viewing in fallowing years.

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