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Posted by prof e on February 1, 2008

U23DThis is a quick post to let you know that I plan to go see the U23D Imax 3-D spectacle at the Cinemark Imax theater in CS this weekend. I’ll post a review after I’ve seen it, but for now, this is what the website says…

The first digital, 3D, multi-camera, real-time production, the film was brought to life by 3ality Digital, who shot over 100 hours of footage with the largest collection of 3D camera technology every used on a single project.

According to reviews, the technical achievements alone are stunning. Apparently this is the first film ever to use ALL of the world’s 3D cameras for a single project.

Stay tuned…

Okay…here’s my review: WOW! It is difficult to describe the visual impact of the 3D effects in this film. From the opening titles to the final credits, this film pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. At times you’re flying above the stage, standing next to Bono, and jumping along with the crowd. And all the while the music is pure U2…with all the energy of a live stadium crowd for extra punch. Front row seats can’t offer this kind of visual intimacy. This really is a film that any student of media should see. Of course it doesn’t hurt if you are a fan of U2. Don’t miss this one…it’s at the Cinemark IMAX theater on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.


4 Responses to “U23D”

  1. Ira Negron said

    The invention of 3D movies actually puts viewers in an element where they feel that they are actually where ever the high tech cameras go. Being a resident of Colorado Springs I’ve seen a numerous amounts of movies at the IMAX theater but I could only imagine how interactive a concert would be with the 3D glasses. U2 providing a full 3D movie of their tour is an excellent promotion for their band because it attracts viewer that aren’t into their music because of visual aspect that the movie provides.

  2. Rachel Stewart said

    This is a very interesting new take on film. It represents a very new way of the cinematic adventure, if you will. If all concerts were filmed this way I bet movie sales would increase. It’s also great for the people who like the feel of seeing a concert live, but don’t necessarily want drunk people and weed all around them. Kudos!

  3. Kenneth moses said

    Since the invention of 3’d shades I think that it has finally hit the music industry. U2 is an historical group and there music is listened too throughout the world and by many kids. While using the 3’d effects they can now market toward younger kids and teens. This even caught my attention. I mean to see a rock band in 3’d must be really neat. The way they marketed this was creative and crazy in a good way. Imagine going to a concert with 3’d shades watching this guys perform on stage, I would think that it would be one of the best experiences that anyone could ever have.

  4. Brittny Thompson said

    If any group were to make their concert 3D i could only see U2 doing it. They are historical and still doing very well today eventhough they are one of the older groups. The fact that there is even a 3D concert avaliable to see is great, its another step for film, and special effects. Its awesome that you can have the full effect of a concert without actually going to or being at one.

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