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Toshiba throws in the towel

Posted by prof e on February 18, 2008

blu-ray_250.gifAcknowledging the inevitable, Toshiba has withdrawn from the next-generation DVD race. Avoiding a protracted fight is probably a good thing…no sense in waging a war that they are almost certain to loose. The parallels drawn between the DVD format war and the VHS Betamax war of the late 70s are striking. This time Sony is coming out on top and their Blu-ray format appears destined to be the defacto standard for high-definition DVD recordings. While the VHS Betamax battle was largely won/lost over recording time and cost, this battle appears to be more about film studio and retail buy-in. Blu-ray was able to secure commitments from many of the leading Hollywood studios. In addition, retail and distribution outlets like Walmart and Netflix jumped on board the Blu-ray train. If you’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop before buying a DVD recorder/player…it looks like you now have one more consumer electronic gadget on which to spend your “economic stimulus” check!


12 Responses to “Toshiba throws in the towel”

  1. steve titus said

  2. Thomas Johnson said

    I’m getting sick of all of these new “improved” video technologies. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had to
    rebuy all of my favorite videos on DVD because VCR’s were obsolite. Now I’m gona have to buy blue ray discs just to keep up with the times. Sure blue ray has higher quality but is it worth it to buy all of your movies again?

  3. Ira Negron said

    It seems to me like Toshiba didn’t have a choice to stop production on their next-generation DVDs because their two main supporters, distribution outlets and Hollywood studios, have chosen to support the competition. Blu-ray DVDs is also a good invention that enhances DVD viewing. For right now I can’t think of any invention that brings the detail out of DVDs than the Blu-ray invention. I wasn’t around for the VHS Betamax battle, but I was around in the 90’s and I don’t recall ever seeing a Betamax so I know who won that battle. Competition between Sony and Toshiba puts the pressure on both companies to come out with their best inventions and the viewer will decide which of the two they prefer. The only way I can see Toshiba getting any of my money for their next-generation DVDs is if the cost is significantly lower than the Blu-ray DVD players. My only problem with the Blu-ray DVD invention is the cost of their DVD players and DVDs.

  4. Rachel Stewart said

    Blue Ray was definitely going to win that battle. Any train that Walmart jumps on is sure to suceed simply because most of the country’s shoppers shop at Walmart. My main concern is, what now for DVD? will it just become obsolete like VHS? i hope not at least for a while because i have about 400 dvds im not too keen on re-buying.

  5. kenneth moses said

    Wow in all honesty I feel as if I don’t know what’s going on in the world when it comes to technology and new and improved things. I never really understood what blue ray was until we discussed this topic in class. I mean to think they are going to be taking over all the TV and I never even knew that. The fight over DVD’s and High Definition is now over with blue Ray knocking out all the completion. I am pretty sure that within the next decade I think that they will come out with an even higher quality of TV and it will exceed what blue ray is doing at this moment.

  6. j.payne said

    I agree this world and its technology is definitely improving at a fast paste. I also, wasn’t too aware to what blue ray was until we discussed it in class and I think that its crazy that they intent to take over that source of media, but most definitely with all the new developments arising now days, there will be high quality of everything.

  7. Edward Garcia said

    There will just be another “format war” in another few years. Technology is constantly being upgraded. Blu-Ray won this because it has more capacity than HD-DVD. Soon dvds will become obsolete and everyone will feel like they have to rebuy their movies in order to experience high definition. After a while, hi def will be something that we’re so used to that another technology will come along and claim to be better. It went from Vhs to DVD, and now it’s Blu-Ray. It’s only a matter of time before this happens again.

  8. Jesse Rodriguez said

    Amazing how much technology has grown throughout the years. First VHS, then DVD, then HD-DVD, and now Blue Ray. At least they’ve moved on from using abbreviations. It is going to suck buying players for the movies, but it’s like human nature to buy stuff to feel up to date to media.

    Mass Comm
    11:00 a.m.

  9. Spencer Allenback said

    When DVD’s first arrived on the market everyone had to have them. This whole Blu-ray fade i think will run out. Considering how much a player and the discs are i don’t see them becoming huge because of the current economic state.

  10. Bilal Carter said

    Every item has competition, weather it’s a monopoly, oligopoly, or something that is sold that a lot of brands make. The blu-ray has become a monopoly in their industry to produce movies for the house. Toshiba was left with just about no other option but to close down business and retire their company. The key to this monopoly is having the “new, new” product and that is what everyone wants. Everyone wants to be like the Jones in this economy. The DVD did the same thing to VHS’s when they became the new item and topic. Technology will continue to advance and get faster, smaller, and better quality. The people thirst for new products can never be quenched.

  11. charles cruz said

    Though Toshiba fought hard against Sony’s Blu-ray player’s it is inevitable that any item that Wal-Mart backs will win. To have the largest employer on the planet that happens to be the largest company on the planet will make or break any product and most if not all business. I would like to think that the Blu-ray is slightly superior to Toshiba’s product though it is only natural for technology to advance and for the better of two competitors to win. Though in cases such as VHS & Betamax and now HDDVD & Blu-ray there can be only one left standing because people don’t want two types of discs and the expenses of two disc players. This round went to Sony next round’s fighters are still unknown.

  12. Jake Kurtz said

    The never-ending curve of technology is often times all too predictable. One company introduces something new, everyone copies, and they compete until the next gadget is released. It’s interesting to see such striking parallels between two different products in different eras of the same function. At the rate that these products flood the market there’s never really a chance to realize the impact of any single product. We’re simply immersed in shiny things- and we buy them panicked frenzies. But in truth no one is really able to keep up with technology, and it’s a illusion to think that such a thing would be possible. However this fantasy continues to sell.

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