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TV returns to “normal”

Posted by prof e on February 20, 2008

With the WGA strike over (at an approximate cost of $2.5 Billion), the TV biz can get back to “bizness.” Here’s a rundown of shows and announced return of new epidsodes:

Saturday Night Live – February 23
Supernatural – April 24
How I Met Your Mother – March 17
Two and a Half Men – March 17
My Name Is Earl – April 3
CSI – April 3
The Office – April 10
ER – April 10
30 Rock – April 10
Scrubs – April 10
Law and Order – April 23
Lost – Five pre-strike episodes already “in the can.” More new episodes to air in late April
House – April or May
Grey’s Anatomy – April or May
Desperate Housewives – April or May
Ugly Betty – April or May
24 – January 2009

Until then, there’s always American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and other reality TV hits! WOOT!


3 Responses to “TV returns to “normal””

  1. Kenneth Moses said

    For the new season of TV I feel as if it is returning to normal. The reason for that is that reality TV has taken over the scene for a little while but now it is being restored with some of the shows such as CIS, Law and Order, and ER. But with reality TV so high right now they still do have shows out such as, So You Think You Can Dance and even Desperate Housewife’s. I feel that people in society now feed on other people’s lives and the issue that they go through. I would have to say the media also feeds into this because most of their talk is about reality TV. I feel as if TV is coming back to normal and I think that the less reality TV shows will help the way people view people and the way the media can have an effect on people.

  2. Adam Winick said

    Adam Winick
    TV returns to “Normal”

    This was a great day when the WGA strike was over! the reason is because that big list of great TV shows are the shows that make TV good. Reality Tv shows are dumb and pointless they are not even realistic! I personally enjoy comical shows like “SCRUBS” that is a great show not the shows like the “HILLS” that is completely pointles, well to me i think they are ridiclous. Well in video games i am not a big fan of the Nitendo WII, personally if i am goin to play a video game i rather play video games the old way were you have a controller and your sitting. if i want to be interactive with a game i am going to play outside like the old days when you are physically interacting with a game. now i feel the same way about TV, when i want to watch TV i want to watch TV not reality TV because i do have a life and watching TV to me is a time to escape from the real world. So i am very glad that real TV is back.

  3. Alicia Beaver said

    I was so happy when the WGA strike was over! Even though I understand why the writers went on strike, it was just not “fair” to American television viewers. I personally watch every episode of CSI, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Saturday Night Live. For those few, long, months that there were no new episodes, I found myself pitifully watching reruns or other TV programs. But, no show can replace the programs I listed above, because those shows my friends, are what make “good television”. Without shows like the ones affected by the WGA strike, everyone would have to resort to watching annoying reality shows and nobody would be happy any longer!

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