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Oprah’s Big Give

Posted by prof e on March 2, 2008

Oprah's Big GiveThere’s a new feel-good reality TV show in town. Imagine a cross between The Apprentice, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and The Amazing Race and you’ve pretty much got The Big Give. The similarities with the other reality TV shows are both an admission that certain formulas work, and the fact that the executive producer of TBG is also the executive producer of TAR. The Emmy-winning Bertram von Munster got his start with the long-time reality TV show COPS, but made his mark with the four-time-Emmy-winning Amazing Race. I had a chance to meet von Munster at the BEA/NAB conference a few years ago and was impressed with his producing skills. He has figured out how to create drama without stooping to the contrived interpersonal conflicts so common to the reality TV genre.

Oprah’s Big Give takes individuals who have a track record of service and gives them a chance to change the lives of complete strangers by organizing and coordinating giving campaigns to address their unique situations. Contestants are judged on Creativity, Leadership, Presentation, and the size of their “Give.” Like most reality TV shows, someone loses and is sent packing. In the words of Oprah, “You either give big, or you go home.”

The charity recipients are hard-luck cases that will pull your emotional heart-strings. If you’re at all the sentimental type, you may need a box of tissues when they announce the “gifts” that have been donated. If you like the “reveal” segment of EM:HE, you’ll love this show.


5 Responses to “Oprah’s Big Give”

  1. Kenneth Moses said

    To me when it comes to celebrities and giving back to the community I feel that they are under appreciated. When I watch the news or when the media speaks about whets going on with the world, all they seem to do is talk about negative issues that little kids shouldn’t see on TV. When big things like this happen I feel they should be more appreciated and accepted in society. Not too many people can do what Opera has been doing her whole life and that would be giving back to the poor and middle class people. Opera to me is someone who the media should talk about more. Instead of all the negativity I feel more topics and issues should be talked about in society. After having this media class I realized that there is too much negativity that is talked about in this world and I feel as if can be solved if we talk about the more positive things in life.

  2. marcellus williams said

    I feel that the celebrity’s who give back dont get the credit that they should get. they might get a little bit of air time about what they did, but not enough. the media would rather show all the bad things that go on in the world that really dont matter. people barely hear good things on TV and thats not okay to me. Ive learned a lot of stuff and i feel more positive things were talk about more than the negative things then then world might be a better place then it is.

  3. Rachel Stewart said

    i watched this show a couple days ago and it really is cool. the people really do pull at your heart and its cool to see not only a celebrity giving back, but also hard working regular joes like th rest of us. this is a positive show that may change some views of people in the world today.

  4. j.payne said

    I’ve actually tried to watch Oprah’s, the “big Give” and saw a little but of it. I got side tracked and never caught it again. I think that what she is doing is wonderful (personally) why does she have to be the only one giving back? she doesn’t thats why she gave others the opportunity to make a difference in someones life. I adore that. a lot of times when “famous faces” do good within the communities they don’t necessarily get the credit they deserve, the media rather skip over the positive and focus on the negativity. It’s like surprising when you do hear that a famous person does good cause we don’t hear about it as often. I definitely think this should be looked at as we have a lot of famous people giving back within there communities doing good deeds, and we need to recognize it more.

  5. charles cruz said

    Though most would say that this is a way for celebrities to be acknowledged for giving back to the community. I would consider it as free advertising for the celebrities this is not something that could or should be considered to be a selfless act on behalf of those that are famous. Most celebrities are paid for appearances so this free appearance could simply be written off as a free donation to give the celebrity a massive tax write off to dodge more taxes that they should pay. When Opra gave away a BMW to all of her audience it wasn’t to be nice or sincere but simply to have something to write off during tax season. If these celebrities were truly sincere about donating to those in need why not have their clothes lines made in factories they could open up to provide jobs for these people in need?

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