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Seeing Red @ NAB/BEA in LV, NV

Posted by prof e on April 19, 2008

For the acronym impaired, the second part of the title refers to the National Association of Broadcasters/Broadcast Education Association convention in Las Vega, Nevada. I attended the conference this past week along with a couple of colleagues and several students from CSU-Pueblo. As always the NAB exhibit hall was daunting…too much to see and take in in the short amount of time that I had. And the BEA conference that followed the NAB presented its own challenges. I found myself wanting to attend two or three concurrent sessions and having to make some difficult choices on which one to attend.

So, what did I see in Vegas…besides the sad evidence of thousands of people trying to get lucky? Perhaps the most impressive new tools on the NAB showroom floor were the cameras by Red. The promise of electronic cinematography has been around for a long time…Francis Ford Coppola was a leading proponent back in the 80s…but this camera heralds a new age of electronic image acquisition. With over 4K pixels horizontal, the high resolution image is suitable for delivery on everything from HDTV to film projection. And with a camera body price below $18K, some are calling the Red, “the tipping point of the democratization of filmmaking.” This year Red intro’d the Scarlet…a 3K camera below $3K. Truly amazing! Check out the YouTube interview with Ted “Leader of the Rebellion” Schilowitz.

BEA also provided an excellent opportunity to find out what’s on the cutting edge of media production, research, and instruction. I had the opportunity to attend excellent sessions sponsored by the documentary division as well as several research presentations by colleagues and graduate students. All in all, a very interesting and informative visit to this dull, dusty town in the Nevada desert.

3 Responses to “Seeing Red @ NAB/BEA in LV, NV”

  1. Thomas Johnson said

    It is truly amazing that there are so many new technologies coming out. Just when you think cameras can’t get any better this comes out. The development of new technologies is a constant process and I’m sure we’ll be awe struck with whatever is being developed right now.

  2. marcellus williams said

    Its crazy to me how we are getting blessed all these smart people in the world that can create for us all types of new technology. everytime i turn around i see a different type of camara that can do alot of things that they werent able to do awhile back. to get new technology it takes along process and im positive whatever else comes out next we will be excited about.

  3. j.payne said

    the development of peoples creations and inventions is beyond us. I think thats a cool thing,we can always look forward to a new gadget to come out an “wow” is the way of the world today and I only see it evolving.

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