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Where’s my paper?

Posted by prof e on October 15, 2008

A student came by my office the other day to talk about the CSU Today newspaper. He wasn’t too happy that the newspaper was missing, in his opinion, a key ingredient…namely paper. If you’re new to campus you should know that the newspaper published by the Mass Communication department has evolved over the years from a weekly newspaper (printed on real paper) to an online paper that is updated on a more timely basis. In addition to the online news website, the department publishes a supplemental quarterly magazine (on glossy paper) in which feature stories are published.

This decision was made in response to two trends…1) increasing costs associated with printing and delivery of a traditional paper-based product, and 2), the movement by mainstream newspapers away from paper and towards electronic delivery. There will always be people who want to hold a “real” paper in their hands as they have their coffee each morning…but more and more that model is failing the sustainability test. Ink squirted on dead trees is a legacy medium that has greater environmental costs, greater production costs, a diminishing economic structure, and an aging user base. In short, the paper is dying.

Many of us who grew up reading a “paper” are sad to see this era come to an end…but the writing is on the wall, or perhaps I should say, the writing is on the screen.


18 Responses to “Where’s my paper?”

  1. David Laird said

    I would like to say that I too miss the paper in the newsPAPER. It makes me sad as a college student to know that i wont have sitting in a diner when I’m older and drinking my coffee while enjoying the paper, instead I will have to worry about spilling my coffee on my Laptop or desktop computer at home. I will also agree with the times changing in today’s world it has always been highly likely for this shift into Electronic newspapers to happen. It allows for a person to take that paper and save it for the rest of time on the hard drive of a computer. This presents new problems, however, to the older generation or to the less fortunate families. Newspapers are inexspensive today and everyone can have access to the news. When papers quit being published in print, only those with computer access will be able to access the news.

    DTL MCCNM 101

  2. […] Where’s my paper? "A student came by my office the other day to talk about the CSU Today newspaper. He wasn’t too happy that the newspaper was missing, in his opinion, a key ingredient…namely paper." (tags: journalism students newspapers) […]

  3. Edward Garcia said

    This is the way of the future. More and more companies are switching to the online distribution way of things. The rising costs of producing newspapers is one of the contributing factors. Posting the paper on the internet is cheaper, faster, and it has the ability to reach a wider audience. Anyone who comes across a link to the paper might start to show an interest in it. This will lead to more readers and make the paper more successful than if it were only in print.

  4. Alex Timmons said

    The sad sentiment that community newspapers, actually printed on paper, will disappear very soon is premature. It’s definitely going to happen, as far as the wasting of paper is concerned, but consider the market solution that will likely appear. For those unable to afford computers and internet service, an inexpensive, electronic tablet will be offered to consumers for a small subcription fee. This tablet will likeley pick up a wireless signal and will download daily news to the tablet so that the folks who like to read a “paper” while eating and drinking their morning breakfast can still do so. No more costly printing press, no more delivery routes and pesky newspaper carriers and customers who always get their news on time.

    I haven’t read anything about this hypothetical tablet, but I’m sure there’s a smart gal or guy tinkering away in some little garage or basement right now with the same idea in mind. Maybe YOU should start working on it. Or you can wait til someone else does it for you. This begs the question: Are you a consumer or a creator?

  5. kris ward said

    well to tell you the truth i am glad to see that the old traditional style paper is transforming to an on screen source because: 1 its cheeper and saves paper cause you know that after all those news papers are read they are probably just thrown away and 2 its seems to be more easily accessible and diffinatley easier to update. So i am very glad to see things are changing.

  6. Nader Omar - MCM 101 said

    Well all I can say is welcome to evolution. The cell phone’s “missed call” feature replaced pagers, the gaming console replaced the arcades, etc. It is only human nature to want things easier and more accessible and online not only goes toward that but it is far cheaper and faster too. To me it isn’t hard to see why this is happening. As of now the only positives the traditional paper has over online is portability, but personally I wouldn’t doubt that in a few years online companies will launch online towers (similar to cell phone towers) so people can go online any time (I believe they’ve done this with phones but not laptops).

    I certainly have no doubt that newspaper can find its own niche audience such as broadway has but in my personal opinion I doubt that they will still be here in some decades down the line. But then again some medias that would’ve made sense if they died are still around such as traditional radio.

    Off-Topic – Is there a way to change the avatars (the ones at the top right of the posts)?

    —Nader Omar—-MCM 101—

  7. Adam Winick said

    “Where’s my paper”

    Adam Winick (MCCNM)
    I beilieve that this is very true and i think it is good that they are saving paper and money by just putting it up on the internet it helps and makes things so much easier! i believe by it being on the internet it is helping with the problem of wasting paper and destroying trees. Another thing is the saving money on buying paper and ink and printing it. This is going to make it so the departmant has more money to use on things that are going to help the students more in class, for example increasing the technology in the classrooms. But yes it is a tradition and has been around for a long time, but the problems with the eco systems weren’t the same as they are now and times have changed and that is a part of life.So i think that it is a a good thing that it is starting to go online its better in many ways.

  8. Trevor M. Sok said

    I am a little disheartened that newspapers are becoming obsolete. There is a good side to this though, as mentioned previously, and I am getting used to looking at the news online. It’s quick, easy to find, and there isn’t just one, but many online news providers to choose from. This is perfect just in case you may think one “story” is a little more bias than should be, or just to get multiple views of the same thing and sort it out for yourself. The transition from papers to electricity makes the news convenient and easy to access at almost any time of day. Although I can’t really say much for people who don’t have internet access…. 😦

  9. Cody Freel said

    I believe that the switch to electronic media is smart and cost effective. This provides an opportunity for the university to stick with its “paperless” policy, and for media seekers to evolve with technology and society. The eletronic newspaper has ability to be updated instantly and to be distributed at the same exact time daily. This tactic helps our school newspaper advance technologically and it makes it more reliable.

    Cody Freel

  10. Alex Lannon said

    To be honest, I can’t believet his transition from physical news sources to electronic ones hasnt happened long ago! I don’t know a single person who does not have internet access (not to say that there are not people who are without it) and most of these same people already get there news online. I think this is a good transition that needs to, and will happen. Many things that were once physicaly tangible are now distributed electronicaly. Music, books, movies, and video games can all be obtained through the internet. Whats to stop newspapers from joining that list?

    Alex Lannon

  11. Joseph Foley said

    I am sad to say this but the newspaper is dead. It hurts to say that because of my current career path and dreams. I grew up reading the sports section everyday and after finding my strength to be writing I decided I wanted to be a sports writer. Now that I am about ready to pursue career it’s depressing to see the thing I loved growing up, going away. I hope that in the future the newspaper makes it comeback and becomes what it once was.

  12. JDraper said

    I know that it is a traditional and comfortable way to read the news, but a physical paper is outdated. Online technology in every aspect of life is booming. People spend hours online everyday, and a great way to lower costs, trash, and resources is to offer a newspaper online. It is very convenient to check e-mail, read the news, glance at weather updates, talk to friends and family members, as well as get some work done all in one place: cyberspace. The concept of online technology taking over a variety of resources that in the past have simply turned into trash is a perfect way to preserve the environment. I encourage all online movement, because this world needs to stop overusing resources and stop taking advantage of the environment.

  13. Molly Cotner said

    I agree with this post on a few point, but I understand the concern of the student who still would like the paper around. The digital age is here and we will have to adapt to it. Also, environmentally I see the point in not producing a weekly paper that, after being read, ends up in the landfill. That being said however, I do see the point for some nostalgia. Sometimes I think this world is moving so fast we take for granted the simple things like reading the actual paper in the morning. Also, environmentally we are using precious electricity to read the paper electronically. I know it is small in comparison, but it makes a point. I think the University is trying to provide a “happy medium” (pardon the pun) with having a print magazine for the nostalgic folks, and an online paper for the digital folks.

  14. Vincent House said

    I feel that it is true the internet ans computer killed the Newspaper. Growing up we would read the comics or look up movie times in the newspaper, now you can get multiple trailers when you find movie times. but it seems as everyone is trying to go green and save paper(trees) the next best thing is computers and the internet.

    Vincent house

  15. Deandra said

    “Squirting ink on dead trees..” is a great line by the way. I think that I’ll miss reading the actual newspaper… on paper. But it’ll be awhile before every newspaper in the country goes electronic like this. I agree with it though because it will save paper and help the environment. I’m not an environmentalist or anything but I’m not all for killing trees left and right, etc.

  16. John Young said

    It is a great choice to do the switch. Although some people do enjoy the tactile feeling of a “real” paper it is more cost effective to have and easier to distribute a electronic paper. It’s only a matter of time before the awkwardness of holding a large piece of paper is a thing of the past.

  17. spiffysam said

    I enjoy fumbling with the paper, fighting to fold it up correctly and have my cat sit on it while I’m reading, but it is becoming obsolete. The increasing popularity of the internet has changed the way we receive our news. It certainly is better for the environment to reduce our consumption of paper products. But if paper newspapers are eliminated completely, what on earth will I put at the bottom of my bird cage?

  18. Becca Guillen said

    Although my family prefers reading the actual, printed on paper, newspaper I prefer the internet. I find most of my information from the internet. I follow the things that I chose to follow and when I do read the actual newspaper I usually end up skipping of the things that don’t interest me. I love that with the internet you can easily chose to read what you want or don’t read what you don’t want to even read about. Much of the world is making that transition. Paper is expensive and most people just trash it anyways, why not be more cost effective and have everything available online?

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