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Breaking News about Tiger Woods

Posted by prof e on December 2, 2009

I was going to write a few words about the fiasco that has been news coverage of the Tiger Woods vehicular accident, but then I found this clip from Jon Stewart…and really, there’s no way to top this.



5 Responses to “Breaking News about Tiger Woods”

  1. jose lozano said

    that clip left me somewhat confused. I think the message was that even though people say that it is none of our business, we cannot help but be nosy and look for answers to what really happened. At the time the media was on a constant “Tiger Whatch.” Every little thing that he said or didnt say, became a headline that the media blew out of proportion, which drew even more questions to be left un answered. But thats there job right; to find answers and inform the public. Is there a limit to what answers the media can answer and tell the public?

  2. Whitney Johnson said

    From the little bit that I was able to understand from the clip, I gather that as it has been said so many times before; media is a heavy influence on the society. Eventhough it was suggested by the clip that the things that were going on with Tiger Woods was completely none of the world business, the media made it our business. We as a society se this as normal, because the media tends to do this alot. Not only does media make us want to engage in knowing whats going but also our own curiosity as to what will happen with that person who is temporarily in the lime light. Think about if there was no media to cover stories like this, we would feel left out of the loop with whats going on in our. I agree that sometimes the media can be to dominant but without it we would be lost as to whats going on right next door, and theses things can be potentially harmfull to us.

  3. Lynnea Phillips said

    This is hilarious ! In the “newzak” video Bill O’Reilly stated that he didn’t like all of the speculation. At the time when this was happening it seemed like the majority of the news stations reporting on this really had absolutely no idea what was going on. When the news broke I just ignored it at first because all that they were talking about was speculation, of course we all know now what was happening, at the time it seemed like another celebrity gone crazy case. As of recent, media these days seems to be more concerned with breaking what they think to be is the story, rather than garnering all of the facts & then reporting on them.

  4. Nik Spinuzzi said

    Looking back on the Tiger Woods scandal after watching this video, its funny to see how wildly misonformed many reports on the crash were. Now that the details of the scandal are well known by the public, its interesting to see how news media can run wild with a breaking news story with little to no info. I think any news story broken within the first week or so of the accident was probably mostly false, and paying attention to any major news stories covering the Woods scandal in the early going was probably a waste of time.

  5. Deherrera Stephanie said

    I found this video some what amusing. I think it’s funny how all the reporters had all these different questions and speculations of what actaully happened! They had no information and wanted more and wanted to know the real story behind it all. It’s crazy what people do and how much of a scandal they would cause over something like that. They are quick to assume things instead of waiting to know the real story behind it all.I can agree that i don’t think it was anyone’s business but then again he is someone famous so everyone wants to konw every little thing about his life and what happens.

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