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Want to Work in the Media?

Posted by prof e on January 16, 2010

A new study released this week by, and reported in the WSJ, evaluates 200 professions to determine the best and worst according to five criteria: environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress. Of course these are somewhat subjective criteria and your experience may be quite different from those reported by CareerCast.

So just how did the media-related professions stack up against the competition? Well, let’s look first at the very best and very worst jobs out there. At the top of the list are three math-related professions: mathematician (#1), actuary (#2), and statistician (#3…Audience Research students, please note this one!). The worst? Lumberjack (#200), dairy farmer (#199), and taxi driver (#198).

A quick scan for media jobs yields a wide range on the scale of 1-200. Here they are from best to worst.

  • #19 Motion Picture Editor
  • #23 Web Developer
  • #31 Publication Editor
  • #44 Market Research Analyst
  • #75 Newscaster
  • #79 Advertising Account Executive
  • #108 DJ
  • #112 Public Relations Executive
  • #140 Reporter (newspaper), Janitor is #141
  • #167 Photojournalist

Data used to determine the ranking came from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, as well as other sources.


One Response to “Want to Work in the Media?”

  1. Lacey Chesser said

    It seems like some of these rankings are baised because the people who made them up are staticians which is ranked number 3. Most of the people I know would rather be a newscaster than a mathematician. Also a reporter is not even close to a janitor, this would be one of the worst on most peoples lists. So to me this information would be considered inaccurate.

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