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Have Grammy Awards become Irrelevant?

Posted by prof e on January 31, 2010

Okay, there are a million opinions out there (reality check: Google search = about 44.4K results) about whether the Grammy awards have become irrelevant. First some quick background. The 52nd Grammy Awards, on CBS tonight, will probably have less than 20 million viewers (update: 2.13.11, they had 25.8 million viewers in 2010, the most in 6 years). Compare that to 90 million for the Superbowl next week and 30+ million for American Idol. Unlike American Idol, the Grammy awards do not incorporate viewer/popular voting. The Grammy awards are selected by industry professionals who belong to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and who skew older than the average music fan. Some argue that the Grammys are about musical consensus and we are no longer (if we ever were) a nation of consensus, especially when it comes to musical tastes. So, what do you think? Which of the following statements best describes your view of the Grammy awards?

  • There are too many music awards shows on TV.
  • The Grammy judges don’t acknowledge the artists that I like and listen to.
  • The artists don’t seem to care, why should I?
  • The performances are usually pretty lame.
  • The music industry is in a free-fall…and the Grammy Awards celebrates the industry, not the musicians.
  • Other: _____________ (fill in the blank)

9 Responses to “Have Grammy Awards become Irrelevant?”

  1. Megan Tingle said

    I think that there way to many award shows on at one time. It seems that for two months there is at least one a week on. As far as the Grammy’s themselves go, I think that it has become all about the performances of the evening. I feel that most viewers stick around after the artist of the year because they want to see whoever will sing next, not who wrote the best song in 2009.

  2. Kameron Wilhite said

    I agree with Megan Tingle. There are way to many awards shows on television now. But the grammys is one of the better award shows and if any had to be eliminated I think that the grammys would be the last to go in my opinion. The grammys are cool. All the performances are amazing and the performers get really into it and it is just a sensational night! I think that the people recieving grammys not only deserve it but they look forward to this night. I feel that people tune in the watch the grammys more for the performances and to see who is wearing what and what people will say.

  3. Gina Ortega said

    I think that there are way too many music award shows on television and I don’t think that the Grammy’s is one of the popular one’s. I personally do not ever care for the perfomers at the Grammy’s if I tune in at all it is to see who is wearing what.

  4. Alexis Bueno said

    It is true that there are way too many music award shows on television, but I don’t really care about the Grammy’s either way or pretty much any of the other music award shows for that matter. Dont get me wrong I love music, I just think that people put too much time and effort into following the lives of our “rich and famous”. jJst because they are famous doesn’t mean we need to worship them, they are ordinary people just like the rest of us a lot of them just got that lucky break so get them to where they are today, or it goes back to that it’s all about who you know.

  5. jose lozano said

    I like the way the grammy’s are set up! i dont think there are too many awards shows for music. there is a lot of good music out there that people dont even know about because its not pop music. i also like that the people dont get to vote on who wins a grammy because then we would continue to see the same people year after year getting awards because their fans will vote for them. the experts know a lot more music than ordinary people do and they can make a better decision than we can. it also gives lesser known artist a chance because they work hard to make their music just like all the others.

  6. Mark Bush said

    The Grammy judges don’t acknowledge the artists that I like and listen to.

    I find it interesting that most years the winners are usually those artist who also chart very well. At least witht he Oscars you get some films that do not make the highest grossinig list for that year,but are the grammy’s the same? It is odd to me that there are some artisiticly brilliant musicians out there who are not even considerred for a grammy. But then the grammy’s will go and surprise you sometimes. for ex: Radiohead has been nominated many times for album of the year..they may not have won but they have been nominated. I should mention that they won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album 3 times.

  7. Kenny Norman MCCNM 101 said

    The Grammy judges don’t acknowledge the artists that I like and listen to

    The music industry is in a free-fall…and the Grammy Awards celebrates the industry, not the musicians.

    As someone who watches the Grammy Awards religously,I have a few opinions on the matter.First,to address the question on whether the Grammy Awards are irrelevant or not,I would have to say that they are far from irrelevant.Beyond the politics of the business side in music,the award show celebrates music in its grandest and most public form.The Grammys showcase the different talents of musicians past and present,popular or cultural,and allow people all over the world to view it at once.The Grammy’s also acknowledge the musicians and all of the creditors behind the scenes for thier work,and allows these musicians to acknowledge the unseen faces which deserve recognition.To bring even more wieght to the topic,The Grammy’s main focus is on popular music,music which most of society demand.

    With that being said I also feel the Grammy’s don’t acknowledge musicians I listen to do to my taste and preference,but that’s never changed out of all of the years I’ve watched.By now people should expect to see and hear music which are well known and growing,not what they personally listen to.That’s like expecting your personal favorite NFL player to be MVP,even if he never makes it to the SuperBowl.The player still remains your favorite,and the SuperBowl continues on.

    Even though I don’t completely agree with the music industry’s direction,in it’s own right The Grammy’s are still relevant.Maybe one day it’ll be a free range spectacle to witness,but for now it remains a staple to television.

  8. Nik S. said

    I personally did not watch the Grammys, but I do believe it has become irrelevant as a show. I just have a hard time seeing why the people who produce the music should be in charge of voting winners instead of the people who they are producing this music for. I can see how artists and producers can think highly of each others work and would want to vote, but I think the public wants to know what the rest of the public thinks rather that seeing artists give each other awards. And if the artists themselves dont even care who wins or loses, than why should I or anybody else? I may plan on tuning into other awards shows in the future that are voted on by the public, but I think ill pass on the Grammys.

  9. Tyler Stone said

    I personally think the Grammy’s are irrelevant. I honestly have never met someone that watches them. They seem to be a huge waste of time and money. Thats actually upsetting to me because I love music but I notice that the genre I love most (hard rock) is seldomly heard from anyways. I think music awards such as the Grammy’s would benefit from having people vote for the songs or the artists and make it more interactive. That would keep viewers excited and I think it would give the artists something to look forward too. However if the Grammy’s keep the same routine they have now I sincerely hope they cancel the show because I’m tired of it being aired all over tv in the hopes to gather a few more viewers. Either way I’ll probably never know since I don’t watch the Grammy’s.

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