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Avatar Sinks Titanic and Moviegoers Turn Blue

Posted by prof e on February 4, 2010

A blockbuster is, by definition, either a large bomb (as in explosive) or a huge media sensation.  The sci-fi movie Avatar fits comfortably in that second category where it has been making news by racking up some impressive numbers….over $600 million domestically and more than $2 billion world-wide to be precise. As of late January, director James Cameron is now the proud owner of the top TWO spots on the all-time, world-wide, box office receipt ledger board with Avatar at #1 and Titanic at #2. The exceptional performance of Avatar is not only accounted for by strong ticket sales, but also reflects the additional revenue generated by the 3-D screens. Because the film continues to attract movie-goers the final total may be much higher.

But there is another story here that may be more interesting than the record receipts. According to news reports, the stars of Avatar are not the only creatures feeling a little blue. CNN and Huffington Post reported that fans of Avatar are experiencing a let-down (“Avatar-induced depression”) when they leave Pandora…er, I mean, when they exit the theater. It seems that the film is such a powerful experience for many fans that they are having difficulty readjusting to the boring reality that defines their humdrum existence on planet Earth. Wow…sounds like somebody needs to get a life!

14 Responses to “Avatar Sinks Titanic and Moviegoers Turn Blue”

  1. Chelsea Reese said

    When I heard that people were going into depression because they will never be a giant blue being living on the planet Pandora, I am not going to lie, I giggled a bit. Their lifestyle and such is a great thought but I can’t understand why people read too much into movies sometimes. I mean yeah, when me and my family left the movie we talked about how cool it would be to experience something like that but the thought died down as soon as we got back to our hotel and it was back to reality. These people experiences this ‘depression’ should do well and follow this example. Why be depressed over something that is literally no where in reach?

  2. Mario L. Garcia said

    I’ll be honest after seeing the movie Avatar i thought it would be much cooler to be one of those super cool blue aliens but it is only a movie. People who get depressed because they can never be a blue alien need to realize that its just a movie and its purpose is to entertain us humans. the life we are given is the most precious and mysterious thing and their is no time to waste wishing and thinking what if. To quote the raper t.i. in his song live your life, “stop lookin’ at what you ain’t got, start being thankful for what you do got.”

  3. Kameron Wilhite said

    In all Honesty I want to be an Avatar! Everthing would be so much cooler and everyone could basically have what they want. I really think scientists need to create something like this for people. I think it would be so cool and they could probably decrease a lot of crime and stuff like that if they could find away for people to release stress. But I think the Avatar induced depression is a little much. I don’t know how lonely you have to be to actually be like that after watching a movie thats just crazy! And it is not just young people it is affecting older people as well and I just don’t see how that can happen. It is a great movie and the record is there to prove it but I still don’t see how it can cause a problem. I mean come on people grow up and get a life!

  4. Shawna Ballman said

    Ok so I have heard of this so called avatar depression, and I think these people need to escape from something in their own lives. TV and movies are a great escape from your own problems in your life, however you always have to come back to reality. These movies are meant for entertainment.

  5. Lacey chesser said

    People who go into avatar depression, I think these people need to realize that it is fake and be happy enough in their own lives.I can understand maybe not liking the way human act in the film because it is a real portrayal of how we act. That is the only thing I can even understand.

  6. Gina Ortega said

    I think that movie was inspirational, but I didn’t not come out depressed or feeling like I wanted to be an Avatar. I was more intrigued with their world and the way they lived, with morals and respect. They had so much love and respect for their land that it was inspiring. I think the people who were depressed about not being a fictional character in a movie need to find something better to do with their life because that is a little sad.

  7. Lauren Dominick said

    This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. If you honestly have that little of a life that you are sinking into depression because the movie has ended…wow that’s sad. People become obsessed with things way to easily, Harry Potter, Twilight, and now Avatar. It’s really getting out of control. You can’t let one thing suck your entire life away. Get out and get some sun!

  8. Anna DeRose said

    It is humorous in a way that people are becoming depressed because they wish that they were living in “Avatar” world, but then when you think about it more it becomes sad to think that people want to be a sci-fi character so much. I personally loved the movie and could see where these people are coming from when they became sad after leaving the show. Pandora was such a beautiful world and Avatar was such an inspirational movie it would be a let down walking out of our movie theaters to the same old scene instead of something incredible like they had been experiencing for the past few hours. I think James Cameron is a brillant director and his movies just further prove his unique talent.

  9. Brianna Gassner said

    God…people need lives. If your life is at such a low point that you need to pretend to live in a movie, you need to seek medical attention. It’s not just Avatar that I’ve seen do this to people. Twilight does the exact thing to teen girls. Everyone is so caught up in what their lives aren’t, that they’re forgetting everything they have good in their lives. It’s a sad state of affairs. Short answer: GET A LIFE!

  10. Lindsey Harris said

    A little escapism is something that this country needs. A recession/depression tends to depress people as well as the economy and being able to take a few minutes or hours and leave your life as is amazing. There is a point where it get a little creepy and that is when you require therapy because you do not possess a tail like the blue creatures of Pandora (I have not seen Avatar, I have no idea what they are called, my apologies). Running away to another world is alright to a certain extent but when you are more depressed because you are part of another world, you have a problem. Movies are designed for entertainment and information occasional. Nothing more; it is not a gateway into another universe. Escapism: best taken in small doses.

  11. Karisma said

    When I heard about people being all sad and depressed after seeing Avatar, I thought it was strange. This movie was well put-together and so creative and it did make a good impact, but it was just a movie. Being able to escape from your life by watching a world like in Avatar is nice, but only to a certain extent. When people get in a state of depression because the real world is nothing like Avatar, that’s a problem.

  12. Jake Kurtz said

    James Cameron’s Avatar was indeed a good movie, but nothing to miss life over. It was one of the most astounding displays of Computer Generated (CG) imagery, utilizing modern technology. I believe it will serve as a coin of the time much the way that the original Star Wars did. Their followings have proven to be quite similar. Personally I enjoyed the film, it was truly a colorful wonderland spiced up by intense action, however, did anyone else notice that the move was basically Dances with Wolves, but it was smurfs instead of indians?

  13. Deherrera Stephanie said

    Depression over not being able to be an avatar is a bit silly if you ask me. When i seen the movie i had expected more sure i thought it was a good movie but i don’t think of it as something where i would want to be one of “them” or want to live in “pandora” and be depressed about it. Why would someone want that, sure it’s cool what they go through and stuff but we are humans and we are brought up different and this is who we are so why change that? Some people seriously need to get a life if they are getting depressed over something like this!

  14. Deann Pantoya said

    Wow, being depressed because your’e not able to be an avatar, what a dumb thing if you ask me. When I went and saw the movie a was expecting to see a good movie. After i saw the movie, we all said it was such a great movie. It was even better to see it in 3D at the imax. This was a well created movie and so imaginative. It made such an impact on its views, obviously since people wanted to become avatars. Clearly some people were mega avatar fans. There were people that were going to the movie theater to see avatar two or three times. But honestly i think if someone is getting depressed over a movie because they can’t be an avatar, then they need a serious reality check.

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