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Battle of the Titans

Posted by prof e on February 18, 2010

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates? Google vs Yahoo? NYT vs Washington Post? Nope! American Idol vs the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games on NBC. This week saw the ever-popular Olympic games up against the Fox reality TV powerhouse American Idol. Early ratings suggest that the match is tied at 1 and 1. Fox took the title on Tuesday evening with a 2-hour elimination episode that pulled a 22 share among adults 18-49, while NBC won Wednesday evening thanks to six American medals, including gold medal performances  by Lindsey “Play Through the Pain” Vonn and Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White. Last night was the first time that American Idol lost their time slot since April of 2004!

One moment of controversy arose when Shaun White’s coach dropped the S-bomb on live TV during their victory celebration. According to Business Insider the indecent language will not invite the wrath of the FCC since the broadcast aired in the Safe Harbor time…at least on the East Coast, not sure if it aired before 10pm in either Rocky Mountain or West Coast time zones. In either case the bigger story may be that NBC was actually airing something live. NBC has been receiving criticism for its decision to tape delay the broadcast of downhill skiing in order to save this popular event for their more lucrative prime-time audience. For the die-hard fans out there, anything less than live is a compromise.


6 Responses to “Battle of the Titans”

  1. Megan Tingle said

    I think that it is about time that somthing beats out American Idol. I am also glad that it lost to something worth the time of American’s. People in the Olympic games have worked hard to be where they are at today. Contestants on American Idol may be luck of the draw or someone who will get high ratings. Only a small portion goes to actual talent. I think that it is a refreshing change that American’s can vaule and take pride in the men and women in the Olumpic’s.

  2. Anna DeRose said

    Controversy always arises when something gets beat out or when someone is not happy with loosing. I think it is refreshing to know that America supports its team more than a show based on a quick shot at famous life, that is not even guaranteed. Both are entertaining, but I am glad that the winter Olympics won out on this one. These athletes have worked long and hard for this and deserve the recognition and TV time.

  3. Mario L. Garcia said

    I am very glad that the majority of americans tuned into the olympics instead of american idol. To me the olympics are a very special time considering they only occur every two years, American idol comes around every single year and for the most part its the same thing over and over again. The athletes competing represent our great country and dedicate their time and life to be a top competitor in their specific event. I enjoyed watching gifts these athletes posses and i can’t wait for the summer olympics of 2012.

  4. Kameron Wilhite said

    I am going to have to agree with Ms. Anna DeRose on this one. Everytime something is beat out after being on the top for so long it causes controversy! I don’t think that this event was that big of a deal. The Olympics were on! This event isn’t people trying to make it to the top it is the people who are at the top and trying to be the best in the world and if im not mistaking the Olympics doesn’t come on all the time like American Idol. And from what I have heard American Idol hasn’t been as good as in the past this year. So I am glad that the Olympics took over. Reality TV has taken over and I am the type that likes to watch things live and some reality shows are stupid and pointless in my opinion! Usually after one season it is good but when it keeps going on and on it gets boring.

  5. Patrick Carey said

    I think that it shouldn’t be that big of an issue when the Olympics comes on and beats a show that airs regularly. The Olympics are on for only a month every two years, and it is good that our country shows support for our athletes. They train hard for this opportunity to represent our country and i think people should take the time to watch it and support them.

  6. jose lozano said

    I think its a good thing that there is some competition in the world of TV programming. Competition in any market is good for the consumer. I think that the olympics have finally got some young talented athletes that can draw attention of americans to whatch. Shawn White, Michael Phelps, usain Bolt(sp.),and Lindsey Vonn are some of the people that can get people to whatch. There is also that American speed skater that can draw some attention, but I just cant remember his name.

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