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Smart TV Headed Your Way

Posted by prof e on May 17, 2010

TV has been pretty dumb for most of its 60+ years of existence. And no, I’m not talking about the intellectual content of the programming. I’m talking about the fact that a TV receiver is a relatively dumb appliance. It receives A/V signals and displays them on demand and at the whim of the person holding the remote control device. But changes are underway and your TV could be in for an upgrade. Google, Intel and Sony are conspiring to bring to market a TV that acts a lot more like a computer than the TV sets we know and love. With YouTube receiving over 2 billions hits daily, it may be time for traditional TV to learn a few things from social media success stories. We’ve been hearing promises of interactive TV for decades…and this may just be the perfect storm of technology companies and social forces that will bring it to pass. “Stay tuned for more,” as they like to say before heading into a commercial break.

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10 Responses to “Smart TV Headed Your Way”

  1. BBA said

    It does seem to be the trend that viewers want to control their entertainment. YouTube is gaining in popularity, songs, when legally purchased, are no longer being purchased as prepackaged albums but as singles, and companies like Netflix provide a plethora of viewing options. I have to ask, would a smart TV really find a niche? TV is often used as background nowadays, left on over 8 hours a day. If a smart TV is designed to operate like music websites, YouTube, or Netflix, it might be more effort than it’s worth for some viewers to sit and choose what to watch next after each show. On the other hand, Pandora recognizes preferences and plays continuously. Smart TV that plays continuously could work. Personally, I would improve that model by allowing the user to specify, if they wish, precisely what they do or do not like about a song (in the case of Pandora) or a show (for smart TV). Also, if TV is going in that direction, if it is likely to look more and more like a computer, why not completely merge the two? The internet provides a hub through which we can access just about every other media. Why do we continue to even own television sets if they are turning into computers? Is it just habit this point?

  2. Robert Garcia Jr said

    Have you seen the new Vizio tv? It looks like it has a wireless connection. On the bottom of the screen, it has a scroll like you would see on ESPN with Twitter, Facebook, etc. The controller also is like a sidekick telephone so one could type for the use of internet. I was amazed when i seen the tv and would like to own one in the near future. I kinda use my tv like that but I have to turn on the Playstation 3 first and then surf the net on the bigger screen but this new device will save me from using the Playstation. I think its getting out of hand because now we’ll have more people in front of the tv because they’ll have it all in their hands to control, they’ll just need to make it be able to have a phone to go with it and they’re set.

  3. Damon Chiles said

    Television is not meant for interaction it is meant to watch. Having the TV is so high tech to where we can use it just as a computer is impressive. Soon only have a computer will be a must. In class we have been talking about the advancement of the television. There is a 3d television on the way but a computer TV is more than amazing.

  4. Reagan Best said

    I actually did a media in the news assignment talking about how TV are going to become smarter. They discussed how sooner or later you are going to be able to program your TV how you want it. You will be able to set up certain channels that you want, that fits your certain needs. You will soon be able to just watch what you want and not have to flip through channels you don’t even use. Technology is becoming more advanced each day and more of an individual device. They will have more people to buy them because they will be able to set them their own individual way. Having the cable more acceptable to it will only advance its profit. Creating it like a computer is going to have a good out look on TV

  5. Karlee Weiler said

    Ulysses couldnt have said it better! TV is good for instant news, thats about it. I will watch the History channel and National Geographic, but I can actually LEARN something from it rather than being hypnotized by something a company wants to feed your brain. By now, there are 3-D TV’s out there, and you can control what you watch…to an extent. Comcast has its OnDemand feature where there are programs and movies and videos that you are able to pick from to watch. It is pretty cool, but the stuff they have on there is very pointless and outdated. If I could pick my own package and choose what channels I get and what I dont get, I would keep NBC, NatGeo, Biography, Science, Animal Planet, and the History Channel. I can say I have learned more from these channels than I have in a classroom setting. It is sad, and I can learn this stuff from a book or magazine article, but the visual from the TV engages me a little more. I wish I didnt watch a lot of TV, 5 hours a week or less, but I need to get my news and info. I probably dont even “watch” it most of the time, just listen.

  6. Chelsy Smalley said

    Mass media is always advancing. TVs have better images with High Definition and most TVs are flat pannel with different types of technology. There is even a TV in 3-D. Technology has been advancing because google, Intel, and Sony are conspiring to bring a TV that acts like a computer than a TV. I think if TVs act more like a computer than there will be a decrease in home computers and people will want to buy the TVs that act like a computer so they can have both technologies in one rather than having a separate computer and TV.

  7. Savannah Thompson said

    It amazes me how technology is growing so rapidly, that now they are coming out with a TV that can work as a computer. I do agree that the TV resolution will probably be way better than any of the old TV’s. I also believe that if more consumers are producing TV’s with computers in them, that computers will decrease in production. But once this “new” TV comes out, there will be another “new” TV the next week, because technology is always changing.

  8. Vanessa Emerson said

    It is interesting how it has been put out, that TV will become more interactive pertaining to the user and not just a sit and watch type object. However this claim can be easily comparable to our in class discussion, where Microsoft has been claiming that consumers would be able to play their Xbox live games/make changes to Xbox live features on their phones, and later get on and see those changes on their consoles. As we have witnessed the claim took years to apply itself and critiques were starting to become skeptical that they would hold up their end of the bargain. With technology growing at the rate is growing I wouldn’t be surprised to see interactive TV’s where you could go up to the screen, select a program with your hand and enjoy a in home movie or show with the family or by yourself.

  9. Dom Harris said

    I don’t get it they make one TV and another one bigger and better comes out in 2 months. Because obviously TV resolution will probably be way better than older TV because they always make it better supposable. I just don’t understand why people like my stepdad go out and get one that’s supposed to be the best to only want the next newest one later.

  10. Aubree Jo Miller said

    I find that it is hard to believe that we have come so far in technology. In fact, I also find it quite scary. Im not sure how I feel about techbology growing to be somewhat smarter than us, and it will continue to do so as time goes on, The TV’s that we watch today are so smart that they can do things by themselves, and they do things for us. Soon enough the technology is going to totally consume us and we will be the “Dumb” ones. I don’t like how fast this technology is moving and how things are becoming outdated so quickly. It’s like every time we turn around there is a new version of everything. You buy a TV in March and by the time you get used to using it in April there is already a newer model. I think we need to be careful with how fast we are letting technology grow because one day we might be the dumn ones and the TVs and other technologies will be telling us how to do things.

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