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Dot. A very cool stop-motion animated viral video

Posted by prof e on September 18, 2010

Check this out. Nokia asked Oscar-winning film makers Aardman Animations – the guys behind Wallace and Gromit – to create an animated short to celebrate the Nokia N8’s 12 mega-pixel camera and a specially designed microscope. The cell phone camera and microscope can be used for a lot of things, including remote diagnosis of medical conditions for people in remote areas of the world.

Watch the short animation, then watch the making of…

The short film is in the Book of Guinness World Records as officially “the world’s smallest stop motion character animation.” This is also related to our discussion of social media because the viral success of this short animation is bringing a lot of attention to Nokia and their new phone. Pretty cool, eh? What could you shoot with your cell phone camera?


17 Responses to “Dot. A very cool stop-motion animated viral video”

  1. AJ Dome said

    Very cool! And you ask what I could make with my cell phone camera? Not much, because it sucks. My friends and I in high school made several short movies and spoof trailers, though. Nothing quite like this…

  2. Ben Long said

    What could I shoot with my cell phone camera? Take a look:!/video/video.php?v=1377990805075
    Although not quite to par with this prestigious film, I think my little Droid can accomplish some greatness. Personally, i think stop motion is something to be admired, as CG animation is seen to be more and more common. It takes days and days to make stop motion, so it’s nice to see people who still show that kind of dedication.

  3. Amy Delaney said

    The magnitude of such a little camera seems endless, the effects could be revolutionary, like when one of the men were saying pictures of certain cells could be taken then sent halfway across the world to a hospital for diagnosis is incredible, and the benefits seem endless. The demonstration of the little camera’s abilities was pretty neat, too; I love stop motion animation, I think it’s something that requires dedication and persistence, an example of how all people need to be in their workforce. This demonstration also showed the camera’s clear, clear quality; this quality could help if an instance arose where minute pictures did need to be developed (for instance in detecting malaria) and it’s amazing the type of quality that is being procured. It’s easy to appreciate another technological advancement that can bring people across the world closer to each other, or just entertain the masses.

  4. Paige Ratliff said

    This is amazing! The advancement of technology is an intriguing thing. Stop motion animation is my fav. It’s very underused. If I had that camera then I would be inspired to travel to 3rd world countries to help diagnose the ill to save them from disease.

  5. Ulysses Boatwright said

    This new technology is incredible, next thing you know they will be monitoring our every move even when we are in our own homes. What can i do on my phone with my camera, well i can take pics and recored, i can probably do more but i haven’t really explored my phone like that. As long as i can call, text, and go on the web im straight.

  6. Erica Parsons said

    I thought this was amazing! I wanted to know more and I think i’m going to google for more info now! I’m pretty sure that the only thing i can do with my cell phone and my camera are take pictures. My phone is way out of date and I definitely need to update my camera and cell phone. I can’t believe how small all of this new technology is.

  7. Gabby Allard said

    That’s pretty cool! I’ve always been a fan of stop-motion animation. Hmmm with my phone? I think pretty much anything I can do with a digital camera, I can do with my phone. (The only difference being, it doesn’t allow me to zoom very far without getting blurry). But I definitely can’t magnify blood cells with it. =/

  8. Christine Gazette said

    Wow, that is simply remarkable! This is yet another example of how mass media is growing to be even bigger. Who would have thought that you could hold such an influential little device right in your hand? The world is now at our fingertips, and the access we have to all of this new and diverse technology really makes the sky the limit. Anyone can create any type of media they want now. This really makes me think about our discussion on how all kinds of factors, perhaps such as this, have negative effects on the communications industry. When we are were discussing music and how the music industry is becoming to need the “middle man” less and less, I wonder the same thing, but with media such as this example. Are we going to need less and less of trained professionals to deliver such media as this? Just being that a good percentage of people have camera phones, everyone is in a sense a reporter when they post electronic media of events, or tragic things like the 911 attack. It is truly amazing…

  9. Cameron Sarmiento said

    Its crazy what technology is coming to. I mean a camera and a device like that can save lives as they said in the video. The stop-motion is very entertaining especially when its done with such accuracy.

  10. Alex Miller said

    I think that the videos are very interesting. To be able to create stop motion pictures at that level of magnitutde is amazing. The picture quality was good. I do agree technology is increasingly becoming advanced. I liked how the two short movies were created and put together along with the various objects presented.

  11. Angelica Harvey said

    I think that this is a pretty cool video that fact that something so great was created from a cell phone. This just goes to show how far and quickly technology these days is advancing. I can only imagine how long it would take and how much effort needed to be put into making something like this.

  12. Chelsy Smalley said

    This animated viral video was a great video to advertise the Nokia N8’s 12 mega-pixel camera. The animated viral video relates to social media because it is bringing attention to Nokia’s new phone. Also cell phone technology has been advancing and making a stop-motion animated viral video by using a camera from a Nokia phone shows you that mass media has been engaging in different ways. I think more phone companies will be advertising by using new cell phones that are released.

  13. Savannah Thompson said

    The technology used for this short film was amazing! To use a Nokia phone with a magnifying glass was just awesome and when the producers were talking about how nurses in different countries can use the same device to send blood cells to different places, that was truly incredible. The time they took to film this and place Dot all those places and move her must have been difficult. The story line was pretty cool as well. I enjoyed the making of this short film too, how they took the time to make the individual Dot’s were pretty cool.

  14. Dom Harris said

    It’s crazy how much technology they are putting into phones. But think about it as cool as this Nokia N8 is how often would you use this technology on your phone on a daily basis? Because I already have a pretty smart and futuristic phone what makes me want another one? So I have another phone that burns up all my battery life running all these apps I don’t have time to use because I am so busy. If you think about it people only use their phones to call or text people. That’s all I use my phone for; I hardly ever get to use the Netflix apps or the Xbox live apps that I initially bought this expensive phone for so whets the point?

  15. Jake Kurtz said

    This video was extremely cool, and must’ve taken hours of tedious work. I was quite surprised at the end to find out that the video was shot using a camera phone. The other video goes on to explain that the phone could be connected to a microscope (the way the video was filmed) and utilized to photograph blood cells. At the beginning of the video it says “it’s not the technology, it’s the way you use it” and they proved that statement couldn’t be more true. With innovations like this just think of what else could be done with technology with a little extra thought.

  16. Lee Meisner said

    When we first watched this video in class I was amazed by the incredible detail and commitment for the actual film. After finding the blog post here, I was even more amazed. The amount of detail for such a small art form was incredible and unbelievable to me. The second thing that amazed me about this video was the technology and the life changing potential it holds. Although the micro scope adaption for a cell phone is a couple years old, it was new to me and was fascinating. The possibilities of detecting illnesses in remote areas and saving life’s is what makes me a believer in technology. This technology truly shows the benefits of media and its uses, rather than the negative downside we always hear.

  17. Deann Pantoya said

    When i first saw this clip in class i was very impressed that somebody filmed this video using a cell phone camero. These people have such commitment to make this video. I have a lot of respect for the people who made this clip because i know there is know way i would ever have enough patience as they did to make that video. I also don’t know if i could handle all the detail that was put in to form this small incrediible video. Who knew that one day people would be film short video clips with a cell phone camera. Technology has come so far throughout the year. I bet that media will continue to grow and get better as technology improves. You asked us what could or cell phone’s camera shoot, well mine probably couldn’t shoot nothing cool since my camera isn’t any good.

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