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What was the big media story of 2010?

Posted by prof e on January 12, 2011

According to Mark Glaser at PBS’s Media Shift website, 2010 was full of big stories about the media. Glaser lists his top 10 and tacks on a few honorable mentions as well. You may or may not agree with the author that WikiLeaks deserves the top slot, or that Facebook and the Apple iPad come in second and third. What I’d like to know is–what story, about the media, that broke in 2010, was the most significant to you, and why? Remember, this is not about just any significant story that the media covered, (e.g. the BP oil spill, the rescue of Chilean miners or passage of health care legislation), but rather a story about the media industry itself. Use the comment link below to tell us what you think was the top media story of 2010, and why it deserves that honor.


116 Responses to “What was the big media story of 2010?”

  1. Giovanni Rider said

    Facebook becomes very, very big, dominating social networking is in my opinion the top story of 2010 because of Facbook’s total domination of the internet.

  2. Giovanni Rider said

    Facebook becomes very, very big, dominating social networking is in my opinion the top story of 2010 because of Facbook’s total domination of the internet and most peoples lives. In conclusion studies of most users indicate signs of narcissism in the users who use Facebook more than 5 hrs a day. WikiLeaks releases private diplomatic cables via mainstream news sources is a big story also but i think if Facebook has a movie made about its creator of the website. in my opinion is a big part of most peoples lives.

  3. Daniel Manos said

    I feel that Facebook was the #1 Media Story of 2010 because it was astonishing to see how many minutes were spent using Facebook. That is the first thing to pop into my head when thinking about social networking. They also have, “500 million active users,” and it is amazing to think how much money that brings in through sponsors and anything in regards to that. Yeah Ipad is amazing and of course it is cool to think that Wikileak is this sort of imaginary but real thing, but Facebook outdid them all.

  4. Jacob Chavez said

    Facebook has become part of american life.It will get better and worse. I think Facebook is a great way of being social.

  5. Alan Wergedal said

    WikiLeaks media wise will dominate the media as long as the site produces top secret information. The main stream media is censored and controlled by regulations WikiLeaks does not have the same kinds of restraints. The media feeds off of information they see on the site and stirs up as much as they can about it to boost their own ratings by sharing something they would not be able to normally. This is like a dream to media outlets they don’t break any rules by reporting on information present on the wikileaks site.

  6. Alex Miller said

    I feel that Facebook is the top Media Story of 2010 due to the fact that so many peole are associated with facebook. All the other topics that are listed are important but I think facebook has them beat because everybody can relate to facebook.

  7. Molly Gearhart said

    Online ad revenues surpass newspaper revenues this year in the U.S. – This to me is the top news story on the media in the year 2010. I work at a newspaper, and this is frightening news to me and my career.

  8. Ashleigh Rogers said

    For me the most memorable media story would be facebook. Since I use facebook and almost everyone around me uses facebook it interested me. Also, with the movie Social Network coming into theaters it exposed a lot about how it came to be and how the network works. but for top story of the year I would say the oil spill was most talked about in the media. Every paper, radio station, internet news, and television channel talked about it almost daily for a long period of time.

  9. Chelsi Jackson said

    Teen pregnancy in the United States has become a huge issue, especially in 2010. I feel as though the media has made teen pregnancy seem glamorous and almost as if it is the new trend. Shows such as 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom send out a message to kids that make it seem OK to have a child at such a young age. The girls on those shows almost became famous instantly because they had a baby at 16. Their faces appeared on magazines, the internet, and all over TV. The media definitely glamorized teen pregnancy in 2010, and it seems to only be getting worse.

  10. Jose Cos said

    The biggest media story in 2010 for me was lil wayne going to and getting released from jail. The story was all over the news, radio, and put into music. This had a big impact on all of his fans, his label and the music industry itself.

  11. Dominick Ledezma said

    Undeniably the controversy and intrigue surrounding Wikileaks and it’s enigmatic editor in chief Julian Assange was the biggest media story of 2010. The ramifications of what was released in some of those cables will be felt for years to come, and while not all of the cables were/are as engrossing as others the simple fact that the public can access the raw, un-edited truth from wherever they can find an internet connection is highly significant. Minorly strained diplomatic relations aside, I think Wikileaks is a positive movement, or well, at least a tenacious new tide.

    “Commando style” journalism, rogue-publishing or just outright reckless nose thumbing, whatever people choose to label Assange’s actions, he has begun by default a fresh angle on something the American public used to be far more acquainted with in no-holds barred reporting. Wikileaks and it’s content harkens back to the whistle blowing and dirt digging days of Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair, times when a gutsy few men and journalists dared to tell the truth and document it for others to consume as well. For too long the mainstream media outlets haven’t dug deep enough on a host of different, pertinent issues and global talking heads. In the brave new age of modern media and technology however, Assange has managed to circumvent the banal news reporting practices of today and no one, not even dignitaries from countries where the freedom of press is staunchly oppressed was impervious from the widespread interest that he and Private Manning helmed.

  12. Kristin Moe said

    According to Facebook Factsheet, Facebook began in February 2004. Facebook, just like most large websites or companies, started out small. I believe Facebook is now taking over the media as well as the lives of most individuals. Facebook is not just for ages 15 to 25, but instead teachers, relatives, and teens find themselves distracted by what is going on in the media as well as who is friends with who, who is dating who, and all the insides and outs of individuals lives. A recent study showed that because Facebook is so popular individuals of all ages are finding themselves to feel more uncomfortable around have an actual conversation with another individual. Studies have shown that with the website any individual can talk to any other individual without feeling nervous or anxious because they have that extra time to think. Facebook is changing the way individuals communicate with each other. At this point in time some individuals are finding themselves so trapped in the Facebook/IM or chat world that when it comes to having a conversation in person or a discussion in class they find themselves having difficulty speaking what is on their mind because they are so used to having the extra time to respond over the IM or chat on Facebook.

  13. Ken Vasqueez said

    As Alan said, the wikileaks will “dominate” the lead story for 2010. Having said that, what other story was in the news more (longer duration) than the oil spill? It was on the national news for over 4 months on a daily basis. And with the newest reports of the birds falling from the sky in Arkansas and the fish and crabs showing up on shore (even in Europe), it’s all being blamed on hailstorms and fireworks set off for the new year. Yet I haven’t heard one report mention the oil spill. Or even a mention of a change in the magnetic forces and the weather changes.

  14. Brittny Balderston said

    In my opinion, I do agree that the whole Wikileaks scandal should take the top spot in the big media story of 2010. This is important in media because the internet is a big part of media; it’s something the majority of society looks at. This deserves honor because it’s our government that was being attacked and it just took things way out of control.

  15. McKenzie Joseph said

    In my opinion, Facebook is the top media story of 2010. It pretty much took over. Myspace is basically non-existent now due to Facebook, and just about everyone I know has one. Facebook plays a role in my social life when it comes to meeting new people or getting back in touch with old friends. When it comes to social networking, Facebook is on top.

  16. Dustin Booth said

    I would have to agree that the Wikileaks scandal would be the biggest media related story of 2010. There are many points of contention that the possible prosecution brings up. The scandal allows us to observe the fine line between American National Security, and the assumed role of the press to be a watchdog and check to the government, the military-industrial industry, and their corporate interests. This raises the question of which level of potentially hazardous information should be dissemenated, if at all, and what the general public should be privy to as far as what our government may really be up to. The story cuts to the core of freedom of expression, access to knowledge, and in some cases, the basic safety and security of people working in our military.

  17. Vanessa Rodriguez said

    Without a doubt, I believe Facebook is the Top Media Story of 2010. Whether it is used primarily for social networking, or as a convenient location for advertisements, Facebook is taking over. People of all walks of life, young or old and rich or poor, are using Facebook. It is now a primary source of communication. More and more each day people are saying, “So I saw on Facebook that…” or, “I’ll remind you on Facebook.” The functions of Facebook are constantly changing prolonging its usability. It will remain a part of our daily lives for a long time to come.

  18. Janae Deas said

    I think that Facebook is the top media story of 2010. Even though facebook has been around for a while it just recently got hugh nation wide so now looking for and friending people on facebook it an everyday thing not only for teens and college students but older people are finding Facebook very useful.

  19. Mary Comer said

    An article that would even take into consideration top media stories would have to be one of the top media stories in my opinion. However, if I were to take from Mark Glaser’s list of top media stories of 2010, I would have to say its e-books. I say this because literature reflects a majority of our media and society throughout time. To have books electronically would make an impact by giving people the opportunity to keep up with past and present literature with the help of advanced technologies. Therefore I feel e-book media should have its honorable mention in media because of the more effective use it has on society.

  20. Melissa Gomez said

    In my opinion 2010 had several stories that interested me. I really couldn’t say which was the most memorable. Im not to interested in any news stations, but what catches my eye is the pop-up that show up when using the internet. I believe the internet has more impact on the media than TV and Radio. There are so many ways to access the internet, you may even use it through your own phone. Some stories make me think “Is that true.”

  21. Rory Blackwood said

    One story that broke out in 2010 that gained my interest was the story about 5,000 dead birds falling form the sky in Arkansas. Officials and scientists cannot conclude as to why this happened and what the definite cause was but they do have some theories as to why it may have happened. Some of the theories include; fireworks, weather, noxious fumes, a sonic boom or apocalypse. This story gained my interest and should be in the top stories of 2010 because as a society, we should focus more on environmental issues that effect wildlife and need to see what exactly causes these environmental disasters that destroy earths wildlife.

  22. Amanda Norris said

    It’s difficult to decide what the biggest media story of 2010 was mainly because no matter what it was, the BP oil spill, the wiki leaks scandal, or e books, it all has impacted someone in a very big way. However, since I can’t speak for everyone on the planet the biggest media story to me was facebook. I say this because that’s just somthing that has become a part of my every day life.

  23. Ken Sherer said

    For me, an avid sports fan I will forever remember the Tiger Woods scandal. We all have heroes, and he was a person I looked up to as a successful, hard-working athlete and person. This story affected me and the media as well as Tiger Woods will never be looked at the same.

  24. Sarah Matott said

    Facebook may be a fact of everyday life for most of us, but Julian Assange and his’ WikiLeaks has the potential to destroy any US relations with foreign powers. The fact that the media in other countries have treated Julian Assange as a “celebrity”, such as the French magazine Le Monde, naming him man of the year, can be clearly seen as a bad sign for current and potential US relations. Although we as students may not have felt the direct consequences of WikiLeaks, it takes higher precedence over Facebook.

  25. Tyler Shomaker said

    I think that the release of the iPad is a significant story of 2010. Not only did they release a new medium for people to connect. Apple also was in the headlines for this new iPad for weeks on end. Today many companies are creating their own tablet computers just like the iPad but using their own software or the android software. These are my reasons to believe that the iPad was the biggest story of 2010.

  26. Jasmine Landrum-Jones said

    The most interesting story of 2010 was the topic of Tiger Woods. The media just went crazy of this scandal. People seemto forget that the rich and famous are still like everyone else and they make mistakes also.

  27. Anna Mess said

    I feel that the big story for 2010 as far as media involvement is concerned would have to be the WikiLeaks scandal. This is a question that is raised time and time again in our society, is there a limit to free press? If so, who should regulate and decide these limits? I personally feel that when it endangers the lives of our military and our citizens, the media should reconsider the importance of releasing such information. Yes, the right to a free press is instrumental in a democratic society, however, so is national security important for the protection of the people.

  28. Kevin Ortiz said

    I dont think that anyone can concentrate on one story for the 2010 year. Many big things happened this year especially in the world of sports. The New York Jets Scandal with Brett Farve has been in the media for about 3 months. Also Lebron James big decision on what team he was going to play on this year. However the biggest sport story of the year has to be Tiger Woods!

  29. Haylee said

    In my opinion i think Facebook is a good and bad thing. You can keep in touch with family and friends near or far. But its also bad because predators have access to minors

  30. Julie Robards said

    I don’t think that there is only one Big Media Story for 2010. In my opinion, there were alot of good media covered topics were covered over 2010.

  31. Silas said

    i’m going to have to agree with alot of my fellow posters, “Facebook” has become not only a common household phrase but a massive social [Media] Monster. Most if not all of the Facebook hype has been a bit overwhelming and tiring. I wish we could move on to something else… **Waits for change, senseing none…** oh well I guess it was to much to ask.

  32. Jenna said

    I agree that the Wiki Leaks story deserves top honor. Although Facebook is a part of our daily lives, a site that has leaked classified documents and other information is more interesting to me than how many users Facebook has or how much time we waste on that site. This impacts our country on a higher level with regards to national security and foreign relations, two very fragile things. The new FB story on the Wall Street Journal’s site interests me more… “Goldman Sachs announced this week that it will exclude U.S. investors from the opportunity to invest in new shares of Facebook. Instead it will sell the shares exclusively to foreign investors. ” (The SEC’s Facebook Fiasco by Jonathan Macey –

  33. Angelica Harvey said

    I also agree with many of the people who previously commented that Facebook should take the number one spot in reguards to the biggest media story of 2010. Its the site and topic that everyone talks about. Who “liked” my status? Who broke up last week/ who got together? It’s a way that people feel that they are still in the loop and know what’s going on in other peoples lives without actually seeing or talking to them on a daily basis. Facebook also advocates important issues in our society and raises funds, which takes a lot of cooperation and support from many people. Although facebook opens the door for many other issues such as online predators, people still have the power to control how much or little information is put out to others. Facebook has impacted many Americans and grew tremendously in 2010 and therefore deserves the media’s top spot story of 2010.

  34. Cheyenne Vasquez said

    To me I believe the biggest media story of 2010 would have to be two social network sites Facebook and Twitter. It was all about and still is about who is doing what, and who is facebooking who or tweeting who. Twitter was huge for famous people they were always tweeting what was going on in there lives. But Facebook got bigger when the movie Social Network came out.

  35. The release of the iPad was the biggest media story of 2010. Not only because of the tremendous success it has had, but because it added to our ever growing list of media channels. As with any release of an Apple product, it received great praise, and great criticism. Coincidentally, it earned quite the buzz.

  36. Labrittany Coleman said

    The world has gone through alot these past few years. Every year something new happens either something exciting or something tragic. This year Apple brought somehting to the market introducing the Apple “Ipad”. That was a huge up bringing to the year 2010. Another interesting thing that happend right before the year ending was the dying’s of the animals all over america. Every year something happens and that’s why people start to remember certain years becuase something tragic happened or something significant happend.

  37. Viviana Daghero de Molina said

    The most important news story in 2010 for me was the earthquake in Chile and Haiti.In Chile the good organization allowed to the country recover from the earthquake damage faster with less lost human life and structures. On the other hand Haiti still have the same problems than 01/2010 being that Haiti received more economic help and support.Obviously Chile was better organized and prepared than Haiti.

  38. Jordan Gregory said

    Biggest media story of the year? Lebron going to Miami. He had his own press conference and millions around the country the watched. As he disowned Cleveland, chaos erupted in the city and now he is a villain throughout the NBA

  39. Joel Archuleta said

    Facebook is definitely deserving of the top spot. Of all of the social media outlets that have appeared over the last decade, Facebook has stood the test of time and become the most socially relevant contender in the past few years. This past year Facebook has been highlighted over and over again in the media and as a result has grown exponentially. I believe that the surge that Facebook has seen in growth is not only picture of our society in America but also a portrait of the power of the media and advertising industries.

  40. Marcus Hill said

    I have a tie between two stories. Both vary widely. The first is LeBron James’ “decision” to go to the Miami Heat instead of staying home in Cleveland. LeBron went from King to every bad name in the book within the duration of his hour long special on ESPN. A person who was once viewed as a very great person who was dedicated to his city and team became a bad guy because of where he chose to work. Even though he brought a lot of this “Heat” on himself (whether or not he would ever admit it) its very unfair for people to hate him for him literaly choosing to work in another city.

    The other big news story was the release of google TV. We may not see it as big but 7 short years ago the internet was no where near as huge as it is now. Now we have the capability to surf the web, watch tv, make online purchases and much more without ever moving from our couch. I’m not sure if this is great for the future but regardless it is definetly a breakthrough

  41. Quiana said

    The Big Media Story of 2010 for me, was when Mel Gibson decided to rant on radio interviews about his falsely endowed wife, African Americans, and anyone else who didn’t agree with him. I believed this was the biggest media story of 2010 because it showed America that the wonderful man who was in all the Lethal Weapon movies that they thought they knew, wasn’t that guy.

  42. myranda cate said

    I think facebook deserves the top spot because it’s easy to access and is a great way to get in touch with old friends or new ones. It has become so popular in so little time and is a great way to be social. Definitely the number one social network for everyone.

  43. Lindsay Waghoner said

    Personally, I feel that WikiLeaks was the biggest media story of 2010. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have cause other countries’ governments to collapse from the leaked cables. For any outlet to have that much information and power that it can make or break a government is pretty powerful stuff.

  44. Kenny Norman said

    The big media story of 2010 by far was Brett Michaels of the band Poison,and his brain hemmorage.It was a sudden change in pop culture,Brett Michaels being known as the “nice guy” of Rock N Roll.Everyone was worried he wouildn’t pull through,his daily progress being broadcast on news and the show hewas competing on “The Apprentice”.Brett Michaels survived and is now a brave success story.

  45. Shilay Willis said

    Facebook was the biggest media story of 2010. At the end of the year, facebook got more site views than Google did. Google is the main source of information for many people in this world and it shows that more people were worried about seeing their friend’s pictures from their Christmas vacation than they were worried about educating themselves in any way.

  46. Jacob Meier said

    Facebook is definitely one of the bigger media stories of the 2010 if not the biggest with hits top viewed over Google it shows that people care more about these things than pretty much everyday life. I don’t believe that Facebook is a bad thing but there is more to life than knowing about the next party or who is going to comment on this cute photo or that trouble-making photo. Technology is getting ahead of us and we continue to let it and Facebook is a great example of us giving in. Hopefully people will realize chatting in person is way better than online.

  47. Daniel bashian said

    facebook was one of the biggest thing to be talked about in 2010. Everywhere i go i hear people makeing jokes about something being “facebook official” and this os not just young people. It is the older generations that are involved in this socialnetworking site just as much as the young, and if people of all generations are on fb that says alot. fb should have beeen #1!

  48. Nicholas Flores said

    I feel that Obamacare was the biggest hit on the media. No matter where you live in the United States, everyone knew about the health care reform. It was easily accessed on the internet, newspapers, magazines, and television. It amazes me all the time how little say we have in situations as this. Whether it is a good thing or not that is a personal opinion for many people, but we have a minuscule amount of say by voting, but using the media such as blogging, youtube, or signage can spread thoughts like a wild fire.

  49. Alyssa Fryberger said

    I think that Wikileaks is the top story of the year. The release of this secret information had had a great effect socially and politically.

  50. Meagan Chapman said

    Facebook is by far the biggest story of 2010. Not only is now like a part of our everyday lives but it has it’s own movie. Almost every website that you visit online has a link to facebook and almost every commercial you see on televsion has the famous line, “visit us on facebook”. Another big reason I think that it is the biggest story of 2010 is that it has become it’s own adjective. “Facebook me” or “Friend me on Facebook” are two very common things now.

  51. Daniel Semon said

    I don’t really watch the news because quite frankly I have better things to do than watch depressing stories around the United States. I did hear about the BP oil spill. BP is a big carrier of petrolium in Illnois where I’m from and the scare it posed around the United States was high. I believe that is the biggest story of 2010 because it was most widley talked about.

  52. Alex Miller said

    Like Daniel I also don’t watch the news alot. I usually watch ESPN but if I had to pick the most craziest biggest story of 2010 than I’d have to say the Lebron James trade. The media hyped that story up so much and it devestated Cleveland Ohio’s economy when King James left.

  53. Jacob Chavez said

    FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!! Facebook has to be the dominating thing in 2010 besides me graduating (which I dont think counts)It has took over the world. you can go anywhere and meet someone and say “Facebook me” and they will know what that means. I love Facebook I dont knnow what id do with out it. It helps me know what is happening around the town and the world its the best social network ever invented.

  54. Whitney Johnson said

    Most people above from previous semesters said that Facebook was the big media story of 2010, and I would have to agree. Although I do not have a Facebook I know that its very popular and a wide variety of age groups use the mechanism as a way to get in contact with family, friends and siblings. Its also used to communicate on an everyday basis with people around the world that you may not get to see very often. Besides Twitter which is also pretty dominating, Facebook continues to be dominating right now in 2011!

  55. Greg Martin said

    I would have to say Facebook was the biggest topic. It was already around but with the help of the movie “The Social Netwark” people began to see what facebook was and what it derived from. The Media attacked facebook and so did the people. Facebook is so dominate over the internet one cannot go anywhere without seeing a facebook website to plug themselves or something that is going on.

  56. Mitch Uhland aka (Flash) aka (Barry Allen) said

    I believe, probably on the contrary to a lot of beliefs, that the Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien fiasco should deserve the top spot for several reasons. I’m going to skip all the other reasons and go right to the number 1 reason it has affected all of us, EVERYONE WATCHES TELEVISION. Most everyone in this world is guilty for staying up past 10 pm and just sitting on the couch watching TV. What better late night show to watch then Jay Leno…or is it Conan O’Brien? Personally I am a Conan fan because I think Jay Leno is a slimy, ignorant piece of “you-know-what” because he has a big stupid chin. haha! The fallout from NBC’s switcheroo and the resulting catastrophe was a media meltdown of historic proportions, and resulted in Conan’s bolting to TBS and becoming a new media folk hero in the process.

  57. Becca Guillen said

    One of the biggest stories that broke in 2010 about the media industry itself that is the most significant to me is Facebook and its millions of users. I myself use Facebook on a daily basis and it has become a significant tool in my life. I have a lot of family and friends across America and by them having Facebook it only takes a few seconds to communicate with them. And now I have access to Facebook everywhere I go wether there is WiFi or not with the help of my phone. This is something that impacts many lives, Facebook is now not only for the college age demographic anymore but I have seen people well past their 60’s a part of this trending social network. It continues to amaze me how many people really do have a Facebook account and how easy it is to use this medium as a form of communication.

  58. Alphonso Kelly said

    I would have to go with Facebook being the number 1 news topic of 2010 also. The reason being is that facebook alone has an out of control fan base with millions of users who “jokingly” spend their lives on the website day in and day out. Another reason is that the movie the “Social Network” was also a big success showing how the Facebook image/process came to be while showing how the site operates on an everyday basis. The funny thing is that I’m sitting in the computer lab right now and 3 people around their early 40’s are talking about swapping facebook contact information. So not only was it huge in 2010, it is still in full effect as I am making this post right now.

  59. Katy Carpio said

    I would think that the biggest story of 2010 was the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While I am an avid user of the Internet, I don’t often use it to stay connected to news events. The oil spill, however, saturated enough media to reach me, giving me an idea of its relative magnitude.

  60. Savannah Thompson said

    In my opinion, I believe that the biggest story of 2010 was the Mens World Cup held in South Africa. I think that it was the biggest story because they had a lot of viewers and soccer is the only sport played all over the world, not just in America. I also think that the world cup made a lot of money hosting it in South Africa as well as covering it on the television. The World Cup was the most watched event the summer of 2010 and it always had been the most watched event whenever it comes on.

  61. Megan Gillis-Todd said

    In my opinion, the biggest story of 2010 was the Haiti earthquake. This disaster flooded the entire world with devastating images, updates and videos. Our nations military, red cross, various other public and private organizations and even celebrities joined in across the globe to help out and donate to this cause. Reporters from all over the world were writing about this earthquake and it was mentioned in nearly every single newspaper, magazine and news program for months. Haiti’s recovery is still being widely covered. Mass media truly brought the disaster right into each of our living rooms.

  62. Elizabeth Tew said

    To me the biggest story of 2010 was the oil spill. The spill was so tragic it was everywhere, newspaper, news, radio etc. A large part of our ecosystem was disrupted and destroyed. It cost our country millions of dollars to clean up the damages. Still today we aren’t fully recovered from the spill. When the spill happened the companies didn’t come together, they finger pointed and blamed people. Instead of our countries higher authorities coming together to help fix the tragedy, they were only interested in finding someone to blame.

  63. I have found the biggest story in the media in 2010 would have to be the news analyst Juan Williams. I believe after he told Fox News Channel about fearing people in “Muslim garb” on airplanes there was a conversation to be had concerning the issue. In regards to William he was ready, scoring a new multimillion-dollar deal with Fox News. That later turned the worst-handled firing of the year into an attack on the radio news outlet’s impartiality and funding.This is something that I think stands out in 2010 dealing with the media.

  64. Adam Arellano said

    With help from Wikipedia I was able to recall that 2010 was an eventful year for the world at large. From natural and man made disasters, to “once in a blue moon” celestial occurances, airline crashes and even something about a link between humans and neanderthals that suggests the two may have interbred. As far as the media is concerned I would say the earthquake that ravaged Haiti garnered the most attention, and rightly so. Interestingly though, of all the other events listed, and there are quite a few, (see for yourself at, I had only heard of a handful of the other major events. Now, I don’t watch much tv but I do watch enough. But even at only a couple of hours a night shouldn’t I have seen most of the major happenings in 2010? For example did you know there were 5 airline crashes last year, killing 516 people in total, including the then president of Poland? I knew about the Polish president’s crash and had probably heard about one or two others but 5? It probably has something to do with the fact that none were American flights. On a lighter note in aviation, last July the first 24 hour flight by a solar powered airplane was completed. Missed that one. Researchers at CERN, a european nuclear research facility, trapped anti-matter for the first time in human history. This discovery could have the potential to change our whole existence. Funny thing is, I barely heard a whisper about it, and how many others heard nothing at all? As I said before the most media attention was drawn to the earthquake in Haiti as nearly a quarter of a million people died in the disaster, bless their souls. This brings to light a truly positive power of media over the masses. The coverage for the disaster and the relief efforts inspired all manner of Earth’s citizens to do their part to help. From actors sponsoring charities, to canned food drives from religious groups, and massive volunteer efforts to help a place that, prior to the quake, I’m sure some would have difficulty pointing out on a map. It’s strange the things we as a society tend to fixate on. For some reason we have an affinity for the negative. Wham! a fire breaks out in the everglades. Bam! an earthquake hits a island off our eastern seaboard. Pow! a young mother accessing facebook allows her infant to drown in the bathtub. We never miss a beat. And just as quickly as we’re drawn in, we indulge to our mind’s content, and move on to the next big thing. At our very core consumers in every sense of the word. Lucky for us, the powers that be, the men behind the curtain, are delighted to oblige. Its not all tears of sorrow though. Powerful images of the human bond and love for thy brother can move men to tears of pride and joy. Without the media to spotlight our good deeds for all to see, we can only hope that 90 cents of our hard earned dollar really is going to buy a child a soccer ball, or a provide a family with purified water for the day.

  65. Alex Hovet said

    Personally i think it is the story about Wikileaks because this effected so many different countries not just our own. i like to deal on a more global aspect because ,after all, there is only one world for us to live in.Julian Assange is the main spokesperson to this organization and he does a good job at what he does. As a Media Wikileaks holds approximately 1.2million documents pertaining to secret lives to countries. I really don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

  66. Dana said

    I think the biggest media story of 2010 was the oil spill in Mexico. I remember seeing this on the news every other day, and the news reporters were always using Barack Obama and how he was going to fix the issue as a headlining topic.

  67. Karlee Weiler said

    I think the biggest media story of 2010 was the BP Oil Spill. Although it isnt the only oil spill our country has experienced, it was differently huge in the media due to the company lying to the public about the severity of it. I am not big on the news,but i followed this event pretty close.

  68. charles cruz said

    As much as I would like to say the BP Oil Spill or Wikileaks which would make a more logical answer, its probly facebook. Its sad but the truth more people would rather be the next American Idol then win a Nobel prize so its no wounder that facebook will be the winner. Also the facebook movie was a big hit I believe.

  69. Lynnea Phillips said

    Personally, I believe that the biggest newstory from 2010 was the BP Oil Spill. It allowed oil to spill into the Gulf of Mexico for three months, with the end result being about 4.9 million barrels, & has been called the biggest natural disaster in the history of the United States. The spill also result in damaging the natural habitats & fishing/tourism industries of that area of the country & the amount of Louisiana shoreline affected by oil grew from 287 miles to 320 miles.

  70. Kameron Reinke said

    In my opinion, I believe that the biggest media/news story from 2010 would be the BP Oil Spill since it affected so many people and animals as well. The land and destruction it covered was so devastating that they are still trying to fix the mess and chaos it created. I was in Florida back in December 2010 and drove the Gulf Coast and was able to still see the scars it made along the coastline. It is so sad to see our government do something as such and not take the blame for it at first.

  71. Chelsy MCCNM said

    I think Facebook is the biggest media story of 2010. Before facebook came about, it was all about myspace, Once people started to hear more about facebook than people began to make facebook accounts. Facebook spread like wild fire. Everywhere you go someone is on facebook on their cell phone, computer or any other electronic device.

  72. Dom Harris said

    I think Facebook along with the BP oil spill where the biggest media story of 2010. I say both facebook and the spill because after everyone figured out what facebook they got one. It was the new myspace and it seemed as if eveyone has/ had one. Then with the BP oil spill it just affected so many people and so many animals ofcourse it was one of the biggest media stories. The Gulf Coast was then basically shut down because they were trying to fix this problem but after three months the damage was extensive.

  73. Missi Netzer said

    The Big Media Story of 2010, would have to be Facebook in my opinion. Facebook is a worldwide way to connect with anyone and everyone, people use it to promote business, music, themselves, sports teams. Its available everywhere assuming you have a cell phone or access to a computer.

  74. M. Williamson said

    In my opinion the big media story of 2010 would be Facebook and Twitter because just about everyone has one whether it be your brother, sister, mom, dad or just about any company, musician… On the other hand the BP oil spill and Tiger Woods scandal was blown up all over the media for quite a while.

  75. Lee Meisner said

    I believe the biggest media story of 2010 can simply be the introduction of the iPad. This was the biggest story because of the technological advance the product made. The iPad was the biggest media story because of the trail it will soon blaze for all following media. The iPad simply saved magazines, newspapers and other hard copies of media by making them compatible to a 21st century and up-to-date device. The iPad imitates the progressive, fast paced society and finally gives media the true sense of portability which is the main focus of society today and of the future.

  76. I believe the biggest media story of 2010 was the law suits and following take down of Lime Wire. From a mass media standpoint Lime Wire was one of the most massive. Whether or not someone utilized the site or not everyone knew someone who did! As technology grows and developes it stretches deeper and into our culture coloring some former black and white areas grey. No one can truly say if Lime Wire was a good thing or a bad thing, but everyone has an opinion. For this reason I believe it is one of the biggest media stories of the year.

  77. Selina Stokes said

    I think it would be fair to say that each of the Top 10 Media Stories of 2010 were publicized imensly. At the time of these events, however, it seemed as though each was the most important thing in the world. After some time passed and the next story was presented, the former “top story” was quickly replaced and the more recent of the two suddenly became the most shocking and important of our time. In a sense, each of these stories was the biggest media story of 2010 at one time or another.

  78. Scott Volden said

    I feel that Facebook was the top media story of 2010! Even though Facebook has been around for a few years, within the year of 2010 and a few months Facebook has expanded not only its website and users but its overall content spectrum in general. Now what started out as a basic friendly meeting place for users only containing the basic necessities of a web site has become an intricate social networking machine. This website has everything from adds, and dating profiles to weight loss supplement pages. It seems to me that what was meant to be a harmless place to meet up and chat with friends has become an addicting place of solitary! It seems that people are checking there Facebook now every day, and almost every hour(with myself included). Facebook is gaining strength by the day, by the hour, and by the minute.

  79. matthew judish said

    I believe facebook is the biggest media story of 2010 because of the impact it has on our world. From classmates to family members to celebrities to co-workers, it seems most everyone is on it.

  80. Ian Walker said

    Wikileaks was a pretty big issue in addition to being a large media story for a good reason. What constitutes as free speech, what is protected and what is crossing the line were pieces to that story.

  81. Caleb Ballesteros said

    I think facebook is the biggest story because of how fast it took over myspace and how many people use and spend time on it.

  82. Nick Kimbrel said

    I think the release of touch pads is the biggest media story. People have been trying to make mobile-sized everything for years, and the touch pads give people all of the focal parts of their lives right at their fingertips, a step above smart phones.

  83. Kenneth Martinez said

    The biggest media story has to be the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is the first interactive game with no controller what so ever. It just shows where technology is heading and how far we’ve come.

  84. Taelor Huddleston said

    i believe facebook is the number one media story, mainly becaus it is world wide. it is also has users that range from all different age groups.

  85. Kendra Whittlef said

    I believe Facebook is the big media story of 2010. In early 2000’s it was only made for college students at the time and no one else. But as the years went on the creators have decide to open Facebook to anyone and everyone. The more open it is the more likely many will join because there is no age or restriction of joining Facebook. The more people that join Facebook, it will most likely get more attention because so many people have joined in the past few years after it opening to the public and not just college students!

  86. ashton5 said

    Facebook was clearly the greatest media story of 2010. Facebook is everywhere. Its being talked about over the radio, a “Like” link is on almost every page of the internet, and there was even a hit movie made about the creation of Facebook. Many people can relate to Facebook and it was definitely the big story of 2010.

  87. K. Williams said

    The biggest media story for me, personally, was WikiLeaks because, as a journalism student, I was upset. I believe in reporting all news and informing the public, but I also believe in helping and protecting American citizens via the media. WikiLeaks actions and resulting risks made me rethink the quality of journalism. It made me want to be a better journalist.

    As for which story was the biggest to citizens nation wide, I have to go with Facebook because, as already said several times, it affected many Americans users.

  88. Trevor Soole said

    Personally, I believe the biggest media story was the media explosion of Facebook. Not only has it been established as the go-to cite for high school and college students alike but for the rest of society. It’s come down to even my friends parents and grandparents having Facebook pages. Even employers have been known to check possible candidates for jobs by looking at their Facebook profiles, thus adding to the de-personalization of today’s society.

  89. Jason Cowan said

    The biggest story of 2010 has to be the emergence of Facebook because of how popular it has become. With the millions of users on Facebook, Myspace is a thing of the past. Also, a movie was made because of how popular Facebook has become. Millions of people are more likely to be familiar with Facebook than any other Media story of 2010, and it has become a big part of our culture. For these reasons i think facebook is the biggest Media story of 2010

  90. Donovan Robinson said

    Facebook takes over peoples lives, so getting addicted to current media isn’t hard.

  91. Andrew DeBerry said

    Facebook should of been the top big story, considering the vast population that uses it

  92. Krystle Cano said

    In my opinion, I believe Facebook was the biggest story of 2010. Facebook has grown immensely from it’s ealier days as a website for college students. Now it has developed into a huge social media network used for networking, advertisements, and much more. Facebook has also created many new jobs ranging in areas such as marketing to electronic advancements. I believe Facebook plays a positive role in our society, and portrays our always advancing technology.

  93. I agree that Facebook is the Big Story of 2010…..What I am surprised about is that Facebook is consistently updated by the company and goes through company crises with lightning speed and then onto more business. It is clear that the up and coming generation 8-16 and 17-24 have bought into this communication option.

  94. Stacy Herron said

    I believe that Facebook was the biggest story in media.Most poeple with Facebooks check them several times a day. It is a way to find out what is going on with their friends,lastest drama,and gossip.

  95. Justin Haddan said

    The biggest media story of 2010 has to be the use of Facebook and Twitter. There popularity has grown exponentially in the last few years. These social networks have taken over peoples lives.

  96. Ami Gast said

    In my opinion I believe that the wikileaks story was huge. Although many did not realize what it was about. This story I believe should be top because it tested the government, societies, and people. Wikileaks was the release of government secrets and was posted by annoymous sources. It caused issues in the government’s security and questioned what the world should and shouldn’t know about the nations govenment.

  97. Dustin Yourishin said

    The story that most interested me was “Online ad revenues surpass newspaper revenues this year in the U.S.” I say this because me, my generation, and the internet have all grown up together. I’ve personally witnessed how the shifting ad placement is happening and this story chronicled a huge milestone in the media shifting towards the internet.

  98. Carl said

    Apple and Ipad definitely get their time in the spotlight. I doesn’t surprise me though, it’s always interesting to hear what new gadgets companies are creating and releasing whether its a new high tech video game that beats the rest with it’s amazing look or the next advancement in cell phones. It’s probably something I pay attention to the most when I look at the news myself.

  99. Sharlee Lopez said

    The release of the Apple Ipad was the biggest media story of 2010. Facebook will cease to exist, just like Myspace.

  100. Raeanna Vasquez said

    I believe Facebook was the Big Media Story of 2010. Facebook notifications can be sent to your phone which allows you to check FB all day long! It is known world wide and allows you to commmunicate with others at all hours of the day! It updates you with the latest gossip.

  101. Isaiah Smith said

    The biggest media story of 2010 was definitely the wiki-leaks scandal.A large group believed the public has a right to know such classified information while the government claimed their privacy and confidentiality was being compramised and demanded wiki-leaks be shut down. Wiki-leaks was definitely a big source of controversial media on the highest level. Apple and the i-pad do not compare in the magnitude of something like wiki-leaks.

  102. Quayshaun Coleman said

    I would say that Facebook would have to be the biggest media story in 2010, because of how many people were using it and how much information spread on it within a matter of minutes. Especially with how easy and accessible it is now adays, it makes it that much more influencial and more and more people are using it consistantly on a daily bases.

  103. Aron Harris said

    I feel that the media will “hype” a story until a more interesting story arises. Fair to say some stories are bigger than others but, the media will kill a story to the point that we as a society want another new topic. But facebook becoming big, had to of been the biggest story for 2010, in my opinion.

  104. Alexandra Richardson said

    I feel that Facebook was one of the media’s biggest stories in 2010 because the amount of people that used it increasingly grew in a matter of minutes. The social network is by far of the largest I have seen in my opinion and is still continuing to rapidly grow to this day.

  105. Steve Medina said

    Facebook IS the top breakthrough story of 2010. It has expanded from college to worldwide and has made itself something people rely on to know about the latest news throughout their communities or the world.

  106. Mario Cortez said

    I believe that Facebook is the media’s largest story in 2010 because of the vast amount users that it has gathered from just being a college based social network to a world wide one. This social network is growing at a rapid pace and I believe that it will continue to grow through the years.

  107. Viola Vineyard said

    Choosing a big story for 2010 is difficult. It was a year of great movement. Facebook became super popular, the wikileaks story happened, people barely read actual books, now they just purchase eBooks. Our society just has so many things that are “Big” media. Its all impacting and big, however since I have to choose something I would choose probably all the products Apple came out with, especially the iPad. This device although really cool, and to some people very handy, is just another thing that enables us as a society. Making us more reliant on a machine than our own selfs.

  108. I think that Facebook was probably the mass story of 2010. Granted, there was plenty of other stories out there that deserve a lot of attention, but when you look at it. The amount of users and the amount of time spent on Facebook was completely astonishing to me. The world of social interacting through the internet is becoming larger and larger as we go along. I’m not even sure if it will ever stop growing unless another great discovery is made to make social talk even easier.

  109. Kori Milenski said

    I think that Facebook was the biggest media story of 2010 because of how popular it became.The Facebook population grew very fast from just one college to now being worldwide.

  110. James Harvey said

    In my opinion, Wikileaks is the “Big Media Story” of 2010. WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization that brings important news and information to the public by providing a secure and anonymous way for sources around the world to leak information to our journalists, allowing them to publish material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the identity of sources anonymous. This provides a universal way for the revealing of suppressed and censored injustices.

  111. Dalton mason said

    Without a doubt, facebook had the biggest growth of a company in 2010. Facebook spread like a bad disease in 2010 and that is why i think it deserves the top media story in 2010.

  112. alex sansavera said

    I think Facebook was the biggest media of 2010 because of how much it grew over the year. Everyone wa also talking about Facebook, and they eve made a movie about how it got created which was a big sucess.

  113. Cristian Alarcon said

    I would say facebook is the biggest media story because it expended on different spectrums like, movies, phones, videogames, advertisement. Most companies today use facebook to advertise because they know that thats where all the consumers are.

  114. Marshall Vanderputten said

    I also believe that the Wiki Leaks was the biggest media story of the year because of the major significance of the information that would be let out.

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  116. Tyler Stone said

    I think that Facebook is the biggest story for 2010. Facebook continues to dominate the social network and with over 500 million users and 2 million sites that use Facebook for plugs the year 2010 is the year Facebook shows the world that it is a serious corporation with force behind it.

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