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iPad & the Future of Print Media

Posted by prof e on March 7, 2011

The iPad 2 will be available at Apple Stores this Friday at 5pm and the buzz on the street is that it will be another barn burner. In the first 9 months of iPad sales last year, Apple sold nearly 15 million units. Analysts expect that figure to double this year with the release of the iPad 2. The iPad is not the only tablet/e-reader/e-book/etc., it is simply the best-selling and is expected to hold that position for another 2-3 years. Unlike other tablets, the iPad is not first and foremost an e-reader. While the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Nobel Nook are about e-books, the iPad is about apps that range from games to business productivity. But the iPad can also be used for books, and perhaps more important, magazines. Condé Nast, one of the largest magazine publishers, has announced plans to release all of their titles as iPad apps. They already publish Wired, GQ, and Vanity Fair, amongst others, in digital format.

In deciding to go digital, Condé Nast design director Wyatt Mitchell said that the company considered the pros and cons of print and digital, and tried to capture the benefits of both. One of the benefits of print is the fixed design. Magazines ported to the web left designers frustrated by OS, browser, and html/css quirks that reduced their design decisions to mere suggestions. With the iPad, complete creative control is back in the hands of the designers and content experts. Advantages of electronic delivery are myriad and include: speed of publishing, interactivity, the compelling persuasive power of video and audio, and a much smaller carbon footprint.

If you’ve never seen a magazine on an iPad, it is certainly something to behold. More than just high-resolution images and text, iPad zines contain interactive features that make the content breath and pulse with life. What do you think, will the tablet-based digital magazine change the way you read magazines?


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  1. Kristin Moe said

    I definitely believe that the iPad will change how individuals read. I believe that the iPad will change almost everything about technology as we know it. This device has the ability to do several actions. There are many positives and negatives about this device. The iPad is great for going on the internet; however it cannot do much more than that. Some believe the iPad is like a laptop. This statement is incorrect because, it does not have the ability to go onto office, such as word or PowerPoint. The iPad also doesn’t have the ability to take a disk or a hard drive. I believe the iPad is great for individuals that ONLY need to use the internet, play games, or listen to music. Individuals, such as college students, don’t benefit as much from an iPad simply because not only do they need a device that will allow them to get on the internet, play games, or listen to music; they need a device that can do all that plus include windows. I believe if the iPad had the ability to accept a hard drive or disk, and had the ability to save work, such as word or PowerPoint; this device would be extremely affective.

  2. Alex Timmons said

    What a great example of planned and perceived obsolescence in action.

    I watched Rupert Murdoch give a speech about his new online newspaper, The Daily, and his partnership with apple. I remembered Dr E’s post about the loss of a traditional newspaper and an end to mornings reading and drinking coffee before work. This is Murdoch’s and the iPad’s response. I knew this would happen (the electronic tablet newspaper), as it’s not really a hard to fathom idea, but I’m curious to see if people will actually subscribe to online newspapers. You can get any of the same content (some better produced, some not) for free, outside of broadband fees, so what idiot would would pay for Murdoch’s newspaper? I realize that’s a dumb question.

    Anyway, A few weeks ago I spoke with a cute girl who owns a great restaurant that I frequent. She happened to be sitting at the register with her iPad browsing the web. Although I’d heard about the new gizmo, I knew nothing about it. I asked her how she liked it and she responded happily, citing it’s basic conveniences and forgivable shortcomings. She ended the exchange with, “even though I can’t _ _ _ _ with this model, I’m sure they’ll improve and get it right with the next generation.” She added that now she and her brother fight over it at work, because each of them like to shop online during the slow times at the restaurant. The UPS man is also now a regular visitor to the restaurant, but only to make deliveries.

    Days ago, while doing a bit of shopping online myself, I remembered hearing that a new generation was about to hit the market. A shot of adrenaline pulsed through my nervous system as I realized there might be some great close out deals on older iPads on Amazon. Of course there were, so I began to read reviews in order to glean the info regarding the graduated price points and relative features and benefits. This is a great tactic for marketers (providing customer reviews to induce sales), as it reduces the stigma of trite sales pitches from annoying and disingenuous sales monkeys ( I used to be one). I quickly found myself dissatisfied with the cheaper versions and was easily coerced in to rationalizing a larger budget for the new iPad purchase. Somehow, snapped out of it and realized that I already had three laptops and a PC, none of which I use to the fullest capacity. I realized that I had a 2005 desktop computer for which I paid $1800 and have software apps on it that have never been opened. I bought each of the three laptops due to their over-hyped attributes and lorded over my friend who couldn’t afford to keep up.

    Of course I, like most, rationalized my desires for ever better media access and technology, believing that I genuinely needed this stuff for my coursework and simultaneous career functions. With each laptop purchase, I goaded myself in to forkin out the dough because each model provided me the opportunity to better network with my televisions, broadband, and other devices.

    I love it when I see and hear others rationalize the media usage and buying habbits, as I can totally relate, and I know it’s complete and utter bull$h!t. I love the ironic notion that most people who tout the virtues of a highly integrated media lifestyle, claiming that they are really great multi-taskers and thus more productive citizens. Meanwhile, crime rates and tan lines diminish due to people being locked inside the home in front of an LCD. And with ever more adoption of tech that allows people to be more versatile and productive techies, America becomes less competitive Globally and educationally.

    Aside from this, I sincerely doubt that marketers ever get it wrong when they exclude features from one generation or model to the next, as it’s a great way to keep the ravenous consumer Zombie’s like myself entranced by the dichotomies of planned and perceived obsolescence.

    Lastly, I realize now just how much I enjoy shopping online. It helps me to avoid the realization of my ravenous appetite for new crap. I have long since grown tired of the ordinary consumer experience where I had to embark about the world to venture into the annoyingly contrived environments of BIG BOX retail stores. I was sort of disgusted by the thought I had whenever I found myself in a Walmart or Target. It feels like I’m standing amidst a bright and shiny landfill, absent the smell of hot garbage scavenger birds, replaced with the sights of fat people, stupid kids and the smell of fast food and fresh plastic packaging.

    Long live the Zombie lifestyle… B-R-A-I-N-S!!!

  3. Alyssa Fryberger said

    I do not think that the immediate effect of the ipad alone will completely change the way the people consume books and magazines. However the ipad is another step in the long progression that is being made away from printed media into the digital world. I fear that books and magazines may one day be completely done away with as more and more becomes available through technology. The ipad and other items that have been replacing printed media are very useful and convenient in many ways. I understand the draw of a single small devise that contains your books, magazines, schedule, homework, entertainment, internet, and much more. However in consolidating everything we need into one item we lose the richness available. A book or magazine can be read just as well on a small screen or as a book but much is lost in the artwork and visual designs. Just as touring an art museum on line and getting high resolution pictures of what it looks like is not the same as the feel of actually being there reading a book or magazine on a screen is not the same as holding it. The ipad alone cannot completely transfer us into the world of digital print but it is defiantly a serious step in that direction.

  4. Frankie said

    Wow, some of you people really need to step up your game. Your consideration of these topics is very limited, and frankly, dumb.

    I don’t think we’re witnessing the end of books, but we’re definitely witnessing a business strategy to revive and transform the dwindling subscriber-based print media industry. That’s pretty much it. I think it’s just becoming harder for print media distributors to compete with electronic media distributors. Newspaper and Magazine producers are simply trying to save or augment their brands, so they can survive. These folks are desperate to find a way to secure revenue streams; Steve Job’s is somewhat of a Moses for these folks, and what he’s bringing down from the mountain top is an omnipotent tablet with updated and exclusive apps for Hebrews.

    Steve Jobs first introduced the iPod to save the music industry from the internet pirates with mixed results. Today, one can still find free down-loadable music online; although, the legal ramifications for piracy are more significant than ever, which is causing consumers to turn back to commercial outlets for media access. The iPad seems to be trying to pioneer apps that offer some semblance of exclusivity so to lock consumers into a narrower set of access points, thus structuring a more stable marketplace for print/electronic business models to exist.

    I think this can only happen if internet commerce legislation is introduced to a greater degree than ever. How will this change the perception that the internet is free?

  5. It really is a new day….

    I genuinely think that in about another decade the Internet, tablet’s, e-reader’s and so forth will be the primary way in which people read. I mean, that’s just the way it is. New generations are being raised to read and acquire knowledge through electronic media and slightly older generations are picking up very quickly. Many of us will shrug at this prospect and continue on purchasing print media and that’s fine…almost laudable really when you think about the courage it takes to stick to your guns nowadays.

    We’ll def. have to wait and see where this goes, but I fear for many print magazines and newspapers there will be many shifts within their medium in the years to come. I’d be willing to bet that the folks who are talented old school writers and reporters that have staunchly opposed falling in line with electronic trends of the present will be marginalized in favor for the new wave of far more tech savvy scribes.

    You can say what you want about new innovations like iPads and e-readers being the future, but to me, when I get on the bus and I see that one, middle aged guy with his daily newspaper perfectly folded, scanning through it intently, I’ll still regard him as the smartest bloke out of all the passengers…even if the kid next to him is locked into his overpriced iPad, doing 20 things at once.

  6. Alan Wergedal said

    So i look at all the post and wonder is Apple driving the market of print or the market of ‘gotcha’?

    Look at the applications apple makes for very specific things and to me it looks like Apple is cornering the market of ‘gee whiz gotcha’ technology. This maybe one of the greatest marketing strategies in the world. They are making a technology not seen before not really tested and making it sound like a new holy grail and millions of people jump on the band wagon with out hesitation. They are so successful at capturing an audience that wants the latest thing they even made Google decide it was worth investing in and taking a share. I look at all of these devices and see a real use for them but part of me says its a test platform for if they buy it we will make it cooler.
    The iphone originally was a phone with some cool things then when they found market was growing for the phone they added apps. same holds true for the ipad if we make it and enough people buy it then we will get more content not the other way around.

    Bill Gates got dos making him the power broker of software but Steve Jobs got the toys and became the wealthiest toy manufacturer that makes things then into tools.

  7. I love the key points you made that sets the iPad apart from the other tablets out there. I’ve tried to make these points to others who have talked to me about the iPad in the past and they don’t seem to understand that the reason it is so successful is because of the functionality of it. It literally can do anything you would want from a tablet, it’s so much more than just an e-reader. I’d also like to say congratulations on the 50,000 views of the blog. I’ll be talking to you more in the future.

  8. Frankie said

    I love the fanaticism and magical thinking tech enthusiasts espouse when championing a new product to late adopters.

    Who wouldn’t enjoy witnessing inanimate electronic content that suddenly breathes and pulses with life? I personally long for a magical tablet that can do “anything I literally want.” I also look forward to the day when I can holler for Rosie the robot in the living room to roll on into the bathroom to wipe my backside, but it may be too unrealistic to hope for. At some point the magisteria we use to justify the seemingly limitless advances in technology will collide with reality. Eventually the magicalness of the iPad will wear off. It won’t revolutionize the way people read per se, but it will impact the way people consume. Romantic hold outs will always make a market for books.

    I wonder if people think about the fact that for every “advancement” in the functionality and efficiency of any given technology, the amount of resources used to exert said efficiencies multiplies by the number of new adopters. In other words, when a certain advantage is discovered, and everyone begins to use it, it ceases to be and advantage and the benefit of the more efficient technology disappears.

    Eventually, the attributes of the iPad will be reverse engineered, so to speak, and it will lose it’s exclusivity, so something “new” will have to be introduced in order for Apple to retain it’s status in the marketplace. Herein lies the infinite benefit/growth paradigm that has blinded the average consumer to the reality that this type of innovation cannot last, so for the time being our conversations about new technology comes across as nothing more than salesmanship, mindless banter about features and benefits versus the competition.

    This is the mythology of our techno-enriched society. The modern religion. The false idea that we can lead meaningful and enriched lives by way of an iPad. The subversion of ordinary human experience to virtual life. YUMMY!

  9. Labrittany Coleman said

    I believe that the tablet-based digital magazine will change the way I read magazines, it won’t just change the way I look at them now but it will change a lot of people’s perceptions and they way they’re going to start to view new digital technology. The apple Ipad has taken over a lot of technology and is growing further into the digital era of business productivity. If people buy the apple Ipad that means the sale in magazines and in books are going to go down tremendously. Some people may stay old fashion and continue to buy books, but now that we have these many digital things like the Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad, and the Barnes & Noble Nook these are going start to reframe people’s thinking of buying a newspaper or a book when they can just get it on these certain devices. So yes I do think it will change my way of tablet-based digital reading in magazines because the ipad is a big media effect in a good way and it will start to change the way people consume books and magazines period.

  10. Kenny Norman MCCNM 101 said

    The tablet based digital magazines COULD change the way I read magazines but I’m not sure if I’m willing to invest in to it.One the greatest luxuries of having a paper magazines is its instant gratification and access to it.No need to buy an iPad 2 or apps for magazine subcribers,the paper magazine is its own purchase.Additionally,the price of magazines are exceptionally,and practically free in comparison to an iPad2.

    With price not being a primary factor tablet based magazines would be quite an experience for me to try.Having problems such as ripping pages and reading only portions of articles,I wouldn’t mind having it digital,reducing common problems like this and possibly even having more features to highlight and save.The bonus would be the high resolution text and pictures.Other than that the iPad 2 zines wouldn’t chang how I read magazines by much.

  11. Melissa Gomez said

    Yes I beleive that the tablet based digital magazine will change the way I read magazines. Being a consitant reader I spend alot of time picking and choosinf what I will read next. I figure with the new technology I maybe able to choose a magazine and than maybe change my mind and choose a different one. I think that with the new technology it will decrease the use of paper that is used for that purpose, the magazine companies could lose out on some money but will gain NEW MONEY during the process.

  12. Myranda Cate said

    It seems like the original iPad just came out, but technology grows so fast and people are hooked so I think that the tablet based digital magazine is going to be a huge hit and it will definitely change the way I read magazines and probably many others. For those who keep up with technology this will be great for them to read what they want to read easily on their device instead of having to go to the store to buy a magazine. This is a great way to decrease the amount of paper used to print thousands of magazines daily. The negative effect is that magazine companies will lose money but this is a great way to help the enviroment and save money that way.

  13. Tyler Shomaker MCCNM 101 said

    I think the iPad is putting the power back into print media and the transition to digital print media on the iPad is powerful. Already with the “The Daily” you can see the transition of news to digital form. Also recently the “The New York Times” has transitioned to a partial fee. After ten articles you cannot view anymore from my understanding unless you pay for the subscription. The way we use and absorb the news is changing and we have to embrace the future or get left behind. In this way the iPad is a savior to the traditional print media sources because now there is less costs for them to produce the news and distribute it. Our book says that print media is slowing dying away and the iPad is jumping stone for the print media to survive.

  14. Dustin Booth said

    You have to hand it to Steve Jobs and Apple for their marketing genius and ability to shape the gadget market by continually releasing and selling us ‘must-have’ items. They constantly define and bring the cutting-edge to the masses. They are an elegantly designed company that produces elegantly designed products and ideas. For full disclosure’s sake, I have been an Apple consumer for over 10 years. I do not believe that their software and hardware is inherently better than their competitors. Any job that needs to be done can be done on whichever operating system you prefer. I just like their stuff. That said, Apple’s ability to make us think we are missing out if we don’t use their products is astounding, and I cannot think of another company which can do this as regularly and forcefully as they do. I do believe the iPad and tablets in general will define and dominate the print industry, similar to how the iPod devoured the portable audio and video market. There is so much interest and money behind converting and maintaining media in a digital format, I wonder how it couldn’t happen. The iPad behemoth is awakening, and seems to already be capturing the public’s imagination. I am curious to see what will come next. After digital audio, video and print have been conquered, where will they go next? iToothbrushes? iCars? iMac body suits for full Second Life immersion? I wouldn’t doubt that Steve Jobs has at least a 20 year plan outlined in a secret bunker somewhere. I also wouldn’t doubt that the next 20 years are going to actually look strikingly similar to that outline.

  15. Rick Larson said

    Honestly, the fanatical zeal inherent to the American consumer mindset never ceases to amaze. I doubt that Steve Jobs will be alive much longer, so unless he bestows the secrets of his “20 year plan” unto a worthy successor, Apple might not continue to thrive as it currently does. Also, do students really pay attention to what’s happening in the world these days? Does the current economic paradigm we subscribe to have even another 10 years of sustainability and unfettered growth potential, let alone 20?

    My goodness, to be so easily captivated by the attainment of status symbols.


    i believe that technology has already changed we do most things so magazines will be no different. the iPad is whats hot right now and has seemingly everything you need on it. i would never buy an e reader but the iPad has so much more possibilities i would definitely purchase one. Magazines need to and are trying to remain relevent in a digital world, and this is just how they do so

  17. Marcus Hill said

    What Jordan said is very correct. Technology has already changed the way we do most things. Magazines included. I feel like the iPad could really help some papers get back in their old form because of how much control it gives the designers. The iPad is an amazing piece of technology because of how versatile it is. It can be used as a laptop, a (digital) book, or used for sheer entertainment. My only complaint about the iPad2 is I still remember just one short year ago around the time the first iPad dropped. People who purchased the first one probably aren’t to thrilled to see a brand new version so soon! I think that is about the only problem with it though.

    Marcus Hill

  18. Darci Powers said

    There is no doubt that the iPad will change how the world does things. It can do so much and people know that, so they will buy it. The thing about people is that they want anything that is new and improved. They could sell a version of the iPad and call it a new name and barely change it, and people will still buy it. It’s not always a matter of “what the object can do” but more “is it new?” So just by the new release of this technology, it’s going to change things.

  19. Ken Sherer MCCNM 101 said

    The iPad will not change the way I read magazines immediately, but I do understand that it may in the future. The new technology is so efficient and easy because it keeps you organized therefore being a great reason to switch to reading magazines on the iPad. Eventually, it will not be the end of print magazines, but an improvement. The only discouraging factor of switching to a technology such as an iPad is that smaller and more local magazines will suffer because it will be so much easier for people to subscribe to national magazines and will be harder for local magazines to pop out.

  20. Jacob Chavez said

    The ipad will not change magazines. Magazines should remain the same because there are people out there that will get a magazine to read because it is way different then reading it off a screen. Yes there may not be more magazine sales but that is just how the world will be because it is changing every second of the day. Also magazines are unique in there own way as I like to say “If it aint broke then don’t fix it”.

  21. Alejandro Trujillo said

    Most definitely, the iPad is changing the way anyone reads print media. I mean the iPad has all these new apps and ways of looking for information. I don’t own an iPad; to me it just seems like a stretched out iPod touch. But I looked one from a friend one day and I realized how much potential this device can do and the things it can do is endless possibilities. There are great deals of more articles that appeal or speak to iPad users every day. People also consume ‘the news’ in a more committed fashion, opening up the BBC News app daily for a slice of current events, politics, and sport. Overall, I believe that this change has been for the better. One area in particular has been transformed by the reading experience of the iPad; long-form articles.

  22. Chelsi Jackson said

    I think the iPad has changed the way most people read magazines and/or books, definitely. Has it changed the way I read books or magazines? No, not at all. I would much rather sit down and read out of an actual book. I prefer flipping pages, not scrolling up and down or left and right. However, the iPad does offer some really awesome apps that can provide hours and hours of entertainment for generally anyone. I believe the iPad can and already has changed the way people live their lives, just not mine in particular.

  23. Jasmine Landrum-Jones said

    I do not believe the iPad will have an immediate effect on how people consume reading material. Like with every other piece of technology it will gradually grow and become the “norm” but there will always be people that go against the grain and will continue to read as the majority of us do today, out of books. Personally, the iPad hasn’t changed the way I read books or magazines but I do believe that it is highly convenient.

  24. McKenzie said

    I think that the Ipads are definetly going to re invent the way we read magazines. I don’t think that it is going to stop at just magazines either. I have never read a magazine on an Ipad but from what I’ve heard, it is more entertaining then one bought from a newstand or convenience store. The Ipads are so popular because of the amount of apps it is capable of holding. I think that pretty soon, magazines, newspapers, news and entertainment will all be streamed from the Ipad. It’s the future…and is only going to get better as the years go on. I think the years of print are going to soon be diminished.

  25. Jose Cos said

    The release of Ipad2 is a huge step forward to digitalizing print media and changing the way we read forever. Print media just isn’t the same as it used since the release of the first ipad. Digitalized print media is the future, once people get a glimpse of the future and it makes the past somewhat boring for them. Ipad offers a new more in depth way to view are favorite newspapers and magazines. No more going to the store or to our mailbox to view what we like to read the most. The ipad delivers it instantly when ever you want it no matter where you are. It also allows you to go more in depth to the stories you read with links to other sites where more information is available. Ipad has revolutionized the way we view media

  26. Alex Miller said

    Technology is continuing to evolve everyday. Game stations, televisions, and Ipods are continuously changing their faces. The media has placed so much glory on these technological forms of entertainment, that everyone feels the need to do everything electronically. The Ipad 2 probably will increase in sells this year because of its’ ever increasing popularity. I think that the Ipad will revolutionize the way we read magazines and do other activities. The Ipad can provide business services while entertaining adolescents with video games. The ipad is another step in the staircase of technology.

  27. Kyle LaMar said

    I currently own the iPad 2 and it is everything that people say it is. I currently own the CNN app and it crazy in how interactive it is and how much content it holds. It is a really easy way to access the news while you are on the run and swing by the local newspaper stand and your magazines. This is great also because the iPad will also load content before the new issue of the magazine comes out. The one downside though is that material feel to buying a magazine. There are a lot of advertisments that will be missed by not having a magazine in your hand and that personal feeling that you get when buying the magazine. If it is the case that magazines will just become digital, then local newsstands will go out of business.

  28. Janae Deas said

    All forms of technology are talkin away a use for print media it seem like. I know that people would rather read something on a device of some sort. Books and newpapers are becoming less and less valuable for society. Any information is a lot easier found on some type of technical device so it is outshining any chance for print media to become popular again. The entire world is becoming digitalized in one way or another. I honestly think that at the rate technology is improving live is going to be more expensive but everything will be that much easier.

  29. Mary Jane MCCNM said

    Technology is exciting. And it moves very fast. Things get invented every day. if you have the money to keep up with it then it becomes beneficial to you. Although it’s probably not about how much money you have to buy this technology but how wisely you spend your money to be able to get new technology. I suppose if the iPad a necessary for someone then that it what works for them. it’s probably very useful. Although I don’t think that it’s going to run print media away because there are still people out there that don’t know how to use new technology and don’t want to learn.

  30. Jen said

    I definitely think the iPad will change the way I read magazines. I also think the magazine and publishers will eventually make more money off of the iPad apps. The advertising business may suffer a little as magazines are composed of 50% advertisements. However, it can be made more interactive with people being able to go directly to the websites and purchase the clothes seen in Vanity Fair and the other fashion mags.

    To address the question of “What will this do to print media?” Print, I believe, will always be there. There are those who enjoy holding a tangible magazine in their hands, and there are those who enjoy using the new media. People, over time are used to adapting to different avenues of how they receive their information and entertainment. The iPad is one more medium that’s changing how people receive their message.

  31. Viviana Daghero de Molina said

    I do not think that the iPad would change my reading habits. I recognize that for the youth, and perhaps for not so young people can be a fabulous gadget and even tool for their every day activities. In my case, reading a printed book has a different flavor. I prefer a printed novel or any other type of literature instead their digital versions. But without any doubt, when the time comes to study, I prefer by far, the old way of using a printed book, where I can write reviews, make notes in the margins, shape ideas that emerge at that time, being in direct contact with paper, and turning the leaves with my fingers, rather than reading the text on the screen. Sorry Apple, but I would not be one of your customers, at least for the iPad.

  32. Jareth Thomas said

    The Ipad is not something that I think will affect the way that I read. I learned to read from books and that means something. I will look for the information that I want and will read anything off the Ipad like I would if it were a book. The reason that I believe this is that I find things on the internet to read and even then when I have distracting images, I still get the information I want and move on. Even if the magazine does seem to be better or changed when on the Ipad, will it really seem so different after you have been reading from the Ipad after a year or two?

  33. Shilay Willis said

    I don’t think that this will change the way we read magazines. Granted, it may be simpler to just get them on the iPad, but not everyone is going to buy an ipad. I refuse to buy one. They’re ugly. There is more to books and magazines then just reading them. what will be on the waiting room tables of hospitals? What are we gonna smack flies and dogs with? Having an iPad with a magazine may be cool, but i doubt everyone is going to get an iPad just to buy magazines. The kindle & that e book reader have been out for a while and i’ve met 2 people with either of those. When they get college text books and they’re cheaper and i can sell them back… then they can stop printing paper books.

  34. Ken V said

    Yes I definitely believe the iPad as well as other tablets will change the print media. It won’t be an “overnight transition” but it is inevitable. As Shilay mentioned earlier, “not everyone will buy an iPad.” , which is true. But would we have predicted 10 years ago the majority of people would have smartphones as opposed to regular cell phones? I’ve met 12 and 13 year olds with blackberry’s and Android devices. I recently bought an iPad and before I bought it I would pick up a copy of the New York Times everyday at campus for free. Now that I have the iPad I don’t pick up a copy anymore because I have the app on my iPad. The reason? It’s more convienent. Why should I take extra time to walk across campus to pick up a time let a lone pay for one when it’s right on my iPad. But the times wised up hence why they’re charging for “premium” access. This is where the wild card is thrown in. Are people willing to pay for this content digitally? In my opinion, it’s not if it will change print media, it’s how long until it does?

  35. Molly Gearhart said

    What does the future hold? Does it consist of a bunch of people walking around with ipads? Perhaps. The iPad is definitely the present. I’m sure they will go down in price eventually, and everyone will have the opportunity to use them. Just like cell phones. Long ago they were a commodity. Not everyone could afford them, and now they are like the plastic cups you get at 7-11. Fill ‘er up! Ha! Right now the iPad doesn’t seem much different than the iPod. It’s only larger. It’s actually like a glorified cell phone! With bells and whistles. I want to know what’s next. What do the technology creators have in store for us?

  36. Silas Schwab said

    In the last decade we have come such a long way in digital entertainment, Does anyone happen to remember when the “Digital Newspaper Concept” Digital Newspaper: Concept GCN was around. I cannot remember when exactly, I would say around 2004 I think this was the precursor to the iPad. I would say that the day of the hard copy newspaper may be gone, but wouldn’t it be for the better? If most if not all writing was digitized would definitely make an impact on the environment for the better.

  37. Cheyenne said

    I definately would say that the Ipad and all the other electronic sources to get news and other media is very popular. We have came such a long way over the years from paper magazines and newspapers to people getting them electronically. This is more enviormentally friendly, we are not having to cut down all the trees to make the paper for the magazines as well as newspapers.

  38. Courtnee Glenn said

    No I beleive that the tablet based digital magazine will not change the way I read magazines because i am not a constent buyer of magazine. But if i was a constant buyer of magazines i would make the switch.For one if people made the switch less people would purchase magazines which would cut down on the amount printed which would help our enviroment. Im not sure how it would affect ones pocket book though, would it be a money saver or still be the same as buying magazines non-digitaly.

  39. Becca Guillen said

    I don’t think anything like this would change way I read magazines because, well basically, I don’t remember the last time I read a mainstream magazine. I think it is however changing the way I read books. I personally don’t own an iPad but I know a couple of people that do and I love it, although I don’t have a need for one. I have an iPod touch and a computer so I don’t need all three. But, I do read books on my iPod. I know it is a lot smaller than an iPad but I have currently purchased 3 full books in “iBooks” the application that Apple produced for e-books. I also have put .pdf files on it. I love the accessibility of being able to read anywhere I go without having to really flip a page. And with the extra things like being able to highlight a passage and bookmark pages I LOVE this. I think that it is sad to see print on paper slowly diminishing, but I just love the accessibility and the fact that if I get a 500 page book on my iPod and want to read it at work it doesn’t take up the physical space in my purse or backpack that the actual book would.
    All in all I think that if I did read magazines it would revolutionize the way I would read them; it’s fast, convenient and with just the click of a button.

  40. Chelsy Smalley said

    Technology is always expanding. iPad 2 being available has more to offer than iPad. Last year Apple sold 15 million units of iPad. Sales are expected to double with the release of iPad 2. iPad is about apps that range from games to business productivity. Also it can be used for books and magazines. There are advantages of iPad which is the speed of publishing, interactivity, video and audio.I don’t have an iPad and don’t know much about iPad’s because I haven’t been interested to purchase one.If I did have an iPad I might look into magazines more often since the iPad has more than high-resolution images and text.I think less magazines will be sold in stores because more people will be reading magazines on their iPad. Reading magazines on an iPad would be more convenient for people.

  41. Mitch Uhland aka (Flash) aka (Barry Allen) said

    I completely agree with the idea that paper is nearing extinction. The iPad is the way of the future, it may not be the future, but it’s in the infant stages. The closer we get to becoming less paper oriented, the better off we’ll be. More and more school’s and facilities are using them rather than paper and sometimes rather than computers. They are extremely helpful and very nice to have. The print will never actually be gone though. People will never completely shy away from paper, it will always be used for some things. But, on a long enough time line, the survival rate of everything and everyone drops to zero.

  42. I tend to believe that paper referring to newspaper is beginning to near extinction; I however feel that the magazine industry will survive in the fight a lot longer than the newspaper industry will. The reason being is that magazines do a better job of including colorful imagery of photos that appeal to the readers, they also are targeted at a specific type of demographic and don’t contain masses of information that a particular reader may not be interested in. If you pick up a Sports Illustrated Magazine you will find information on sports. A fishing magazine, you will find information on fishing etc. Newspapers are too broad in the number of topics they cover and you will most likely never hear of someone who has read through an entire magazine. Usually the section that is wanted is taken out and the rest of the newspaper is left behind. As far as the I-Pad 2 goes I would definitely say that it will play a big part in the future of print media, but it will not altogether take over print media. The reason being is that not everyone can afford an I-Pad so those trips to the doctors clinic, may get a little boring without your daily magazine lying there waiting to be read.

  43. Greg Martin said

    With technologies in mass media such as the iPad print will become less usefull Since the iPad has the technologies of viewing books, magazines, newspapers, etc. less people will buy the actual print if they have an e-reader/ipad that can view them on there. Not only can one view these things but they can store them all on one device. This makes it much easier to have all one can read in something that weighs maybe 5 pounds vs. a couple magazine stacks that can weigh more than one wants to carry around. I do believe that print will always be around despite great lengths in technology. Even though the iPad is a product of the slogan “Welcome to the Future”,We will always have the use of paper and writing.

  44. Karlee Weiler said

    Eventually, the iPad and other brands of portable electronics will close down the business of the paper print. I will not buy one until absolutely necessary though. The screen kills my eyes and gives me an instant migraine, I would much rather read a paper book or magazine. I enjoy the layouts and the easy accessability that the paper version offers. It is sometimes confusing for me trying to find where exactly a certain article is located on the computer. There are just too many loop holes with the cyber versions. I believe that the iPad is an amazing piece of technology and if it improves over the next five years, (screen, fixed layouts, etc.) I will consider buying one…if I have the money to do so. They are extremely convienent for students or others that are always on the go. I also like the fact that we would no longer have to cut down any trees for personal use. It is more environmentally friendly after all. =)
    Karlee Weiler

  45. Savannah Thompson said

    As technology is increasing, I believe that more people are going to start getting e readers, the ipad, kindles, or any type of technology in which you can read books digitally. As this technology is increasing the amount of paper text will soon decrease. Not only will reading books decrease, but magazines as well. In this article it talks about how many magazines can now be downloaded to the iPad, which will make the paper magazine industry decline, but maybe since everyone wants the “new” technology, the magazine industry overall will increase because it will become easier to read them. I believe that in just a couple of years most of society will indeed switch to digital readings.

  46. Katy Carpio said

    I want an iPad more than any other thing on earth right now. I don’t want it to be trendy, or to keep up, but because it is completely perfect for my life. It feels like a device designed for me. The ability to have the world’s most perfect magazines on the iPad is only part of it. But it’s a big part. Ultimately, I would want to do all of my reading on this device. No more backpack full of books, and no more pile of magazines at home. The iPad is perfect for me. I don’t think I’m alone in this assessment. Tablets are the future. Already, major booksellers market fully electronic books for use on tablets and e-Readers, Nooks and Kindles. When a sufficient majority crosses the technological gap, I would expect print to become antiquated, and eventually disappear. The limiting factor is volume. Right now, many people, myself included, can’t afford to join the tablet revolution. But with increasing power comes affordability. Soon, the tablet will be as commonplace as the cell phone.

  47. Dom Harris said

    As technology evolves people state to pay attention. As people pay attention we then begin to realize the revolution of the I pad, eBooks, kindle, ect are the future. There will be a time very soon where this will be one of the only ways to read your favorite comic or newspaper article or magazine. The digital era is coming very fast and soon and I pad just wants to be the best at it all. Although theses tablets won’t completely take over just yet a large majority will jump aboard soon.

  48. Vanessa Emerson said

    Whenever I hear of new technology being released I have always shunned away from getting it for the simple fact it is always out done. It reminds me of being a kid and how every x-mas my relatives would get new game systems and the old ones would get donated or thrown away. I was very aware of them being very expensive growing up and I never understood why my aunts and uncles bought things that they were bond to get rid of. I feel the same way about my cellphone; I don’t feel the need to get the best phone because I realize I only need it to make calls on. The fact that this iPad will take the place of so many electronics while the one that was there before will still be in use makes me ask what will happen to that old application. I worry when I think of magazines like Condé Nast, one of the largest magazine publishers, taking their work on the internet and often only converting to the new version. I feel it helps create the digital divide that we have talked about that leaves people so out of the loop. Yes the future should bring great new technology to the world but not at the expense of people’s intelligence, independence and finical judgment. If this was such a great product they want the world to have , why don’t they give it away for free for people to grow from, for the simple fact this type a of technology is made for the rich. A mom working 2 jobs with 4 children will not be buying one of these.

  49. Lashanaye James said

    The fascination with anything that will make life easier for you.
    Anything that Apple makes will make a difference in the way society perceives things. Therefore the Ipad will have an impact on the way others read. If I wanted to buy a magazine I no longer have to go to the store and send roughly $5.00 on something that I probably won’t keep for long. As for having an Ipad I can easily go online and read their magazine through their online version and be done with the magazine. Yet I do believe that with the online version takes away from the magazine’s team because the cover doesn’t get looked at when I go online and that is what catches the attention of others when actually buying it. Like someone stated technology is grow so rapidly that paper seems to be getting thrown out and being taken over by the internet and Ipad and right along in that running. I’ve often noticed that people are on the go more than ever so to have something that’s as handy as an Ipad is efficient.

  50. K. Williams said

    I very much understand how designers have felt about converting newspaper and magazine content onto a website and the frustration that ensues. As a result, I found the release of the first iPad to be very inspiring and it made me realize that digital designing for the news may stop being frustrating. As iPad has grown and magazines have jumped onboard with iPad publishing, I have found it inspiring to see what designers are creating and how they are pushing the envelope of digital presentation. It’s exciting to know that designers can create a product that looks like a printed magazine but is far richer. I find the iPad to be an elegant merger between digital technology and traditional publishing–it is tradigital.

  51. Alexandra Richardson said

    not only does the iPad have features like reading, writing, or searching things on the internet….is has a camera and easy ways of communicating to others. The kindle, Nook, or other high tech reading devices are really only good for reading and searching things, unlike the iPad where it can do just about everything form personal, to impersonal functions. I think that the iPad 2 will get as many ratings if not more then what they think it will receive. It will be a great seller until the new and improved iPad 3,4,5 and etc until the newer technology comes out with something even better… just keeps on improving!

  52. Dakota Mason said

    In my opinion, the ipad just blows other tablets out of the water. This tablet is not restricted to things such as ebooks etc. but it can do many other things such as gaming, personal use, communication, and business use. This tablet will be at the top of the charts for a long time until someone else decides to expand their use of the tablet. The technology just keeps expanding and apple is taking advantage of that and putting it into their products.

  53. Courtney Tafoya said

    there’s an obvious reason why ipads are one of the top selling products in our society today. they’re basically like mini computers, books, and ipods all in one. i mean it doesn’t get much better then that right? plus it’s apple, one of the most popular brands. i think they’re pretty cool but i dont think that making magazines electronic is a good idea. they’re little hand held books for a reason. also, our economy is so awful right now, who can afford those things? not everyone, that’s for sure. ipads should keep all their features, and if they feel adding magazines on there is necessary then so be it. but they should also make sure to keep the paper back copies out too for the less fortunate..

  54. Dustin Yourishin said

    The way I read magazines will not change anytime in the near future, mostly because I’m not in the market for a tablet quite yet. However, I am intrigued and excited by the idea of interactive magazines. Being able to watch videos, play sound clips, etc, without even leaving the page seems extremely convenient, and possibly revolutionary. I do believe that this is probably the future of magazines, (tablets are seeming like the future of a lot of things at this point) but things still have a long way to go before that happens. Most magazine consumers are a part of the older generation, and tablets haven’t quite reached that market yet. Eventually, I’m sure they will; we will probably be seeing iPads in nursing homes in the not too distant future.

  55. Missi Netzer said

    The development of the ipad, kindle, and other technology that lets you read books and magazines via screen will not take away from the actual thing. Personally I’d rather sit over a book for two hours than a screen. Books and magazines are not as fragile, they don’t strain your eyes and neck and back. Technology is always moving and as soon as you buy the ipad 2 the ipad 3 will not be far behind. A book or magazine you can hold in your hands is a better experience altogether.

  56. Jade Lopez said

    Yes, i think it will change the total outlook of magazines. when glancing through a regular paper back magazine you see nothing but frozen models and ads with prices and pictures in 2D. But with the ipad, you get the full effect. the models become actors, the water begins to pour, the make-up shines vibrantly, and our minds are glued to the screen.

  57. Deontrae Cooper said

    the Apple i pad is one of the most advanced technological device out right now, i belive this device will changes the world and change how one would think technology really is. someone could do basically whatever it is he or she wanted to do whether that be surfing the web, taking pictures or maybe playing games.

  58. Justin Haddan said

    Yes it will change the way magazines are looked at. With a normal paper magazine you only get what is on the page, the text, and some pictures. With these magazines on an ipad there is the text and pictures but you can also access videos and podcast and stuff like that that is relavent to the article.

  59. Mike Marino said

    The Apple IPad 2 is the best product out there and the technology is the best of it’s kind. I believe that the new Ipad is going to change the way we read, write , and even go about our daly lives because it is the future and it is what is our world is going to evolve and rely on because of the easy access and how user friendly it is. As we talked about it is class most of our prediction were right about the future of media print. All of our books magazines and other paper back reading material are going to be scanned easy downloaded to your convenience because of the vast network we have at your finger tips. Just think about it no more rips or torn pages out of your favorite book and you wouldn’t have to worry about your dog slobbering on your newspaper because it will be just a app away.

  60. Raeanna Vasquez said

    I pad 2 will sell more because of the available apps that can be accessed.With the i pad you can play music, play games and surf the web. The Nook,Kindle and e-reader are primarily based off of reading. With todays technology I think everyone will soon be reading off of an i pad 2 or a kindle because of the “going green” ways. If all reading is done electronically we will save on cutting down trees to make magazines, books etc…

  61. Ian Walker said

    There is no denying the iPad is a pretty impressive device. The pure potential it has is a big deal, and hopefully it will continue to help push the boundary as far as technology goes, and inspires others to create as well. However, the fact that it does not support Flash is a continuing issue I have with the iPad. This, and other concerns (portability, price, etc) are preventing the iPad from reaching the maximum possible potential in my opinion. I know that the Pueblo City-County Library recently allowed people to check out iPads from a couple branches, and I believe this innovation will become more and more common as time progresses. I really hope that printed books and magazines will remain a staple in society’s future, but I have my doubts that traditional books and magazines will remain as popular. That makes me sort of sad, but at the same time, I am excited to see what new innovations the future holds.

  62. Viola Vineyard said

    As i have said before, media/technology enables us to do every day simple things this time. But as humans we have a weekness, we are always going to be subject to change. For example, i dont see anything wrong with the older iPad as compared to the new one, but of course we are always up for change, so the iPad 2 has come out. I think that yes iPads are of the better tablets that have come out, but do we really have to make so many, if in all reality they all essentially do the same thing? I just think that we will never be happy with what we have, therefore media will always keep changing.

  63. Caitlin Norton said

    I think that the tablet-based digital magazine will change the way most people read magazines. It allows the reader to not only continuously receive the news, but it also allows them to view better pictures and also interactive features that will keep them more interested in the content. It is an easy way to stay on top of things. The changing technology is making it more assessable for readers to be able to get their news from wherever they want it. Also, it would be a more environmental friendly alternative. But I do not believe that print will go anywhere for a while. Personally, I prefer having a physical magazine or book to be able to flip through the pages and go back and forth easily. However, the iPad does already provide many apps that can create hours of entertainment for anyone. I believe that this type of technology has and will change the way people interact with the media. As of right now though for myself, it has not.

  64. Lindsey Marmolejo said

    I definitely think the tablet-based digital magazine will change the way I personally read magazines. With the ability for them to attach the link to related articles at the swipe of a finger is so convenient for regular magazine subscribers it is hard to think of life before the iPad. The colors and the pictures really draw you into the magazine the way print couldn’t. The easy accessibility to go back and look at older issues instead of having to search your house for the old issues hoping your roommate didn’t throw it away is also an amazing feature most subscribers would appreciate.

  65. Tyler Stone said

    If you were reading a magazine on any other tablet other than an Ipad I would say nothing beats the actual tangible magazine in your hand flipping pages. However with the Ipad magazines books and other downloadable apps are incredibly interactive and will eventually be the preffered method of media such as textbooks, magazines, etc. Regular magazines come with cut outs and other interesting things but most of them make you fill out a card and mail it. With new tablets like the Ipad there is no hassle at all when it comes to those things. You touch it type in your information and send it either to there site to pay for it or sign up for emails or whatever. My point is that while I think there’s always room to improve as far as tablets and the design of the software, the Ipad is far in front and is truely starting a new era of a paperless world.

  66. Brandyn Baca said

    My opposition on first gen Apple products is not a good one.If you haven’t caught on yet apple releases a new Generation of their product every year, and what do you know today so happens to be the first announcement of the Ipad 3 just about a year after its predecessor the ipad 2. Apple likes to release little bits of technology at a time. i honestly do not believe it is necessary to upgrade every single new release of an ipad. The iPhone on the other hand is a whole different story for me. I really don’t think i could resist upgrading my iPhone every year being that i am on the grandfather plan. However i do believe that everyone should always wait one year after the initial apple product is released to acquire the product. The second generation is usually the biggest leap in apple products i have noticed.Apple and their great marketing techniques just drive me crazy sometimes.What is your favorite apple product of all time? Mine is defiantly my first gen iphone just because it changed the way everything works, it really is the device that changed everything.

  67. Ronell McNeal said

    As much as people might not want to believe it but the iPad is losing the competition. Tablets have stepped there game up and is now giving iPad’s a run for thier money. The fact that the iPad is so limited to only iPhone or iComputuers to connect to people really dont like the fact they do not have much freedom with it. “development stage, during which the innovation is nurtured, refined and focused so that it can be successfully adopted and brought into the mainstream” as Turow puts it in chapter 3 of the mass media revolution book. At first iPad did a real good job at the, creating the next big thing that everybody wants but not that the tablet is taking it to the next level it seems as if iPad creators are to stuck in there ways to keep up with the new. What is the next big idea out there, what is something thats creative enough that people think it is a demand to make them feel as if they have to get the new and improved model. Which ever company can figure out the answer to that questione will make alot of money. Until then i say stick to your plan but never be closed minded to the next big idea.

  68. Nelson Kahler said

    I personally believe that the iPad will definitely change the way that we read magazines. Not only do tablets make magazines extremely easy and accessible to get a hold of, they put them into a different world of HD quality. A reader does not have to worry about a magazine getting ripped or destroyed by water as they are all downloadable onto their personal tablet. By being online now, magazines have the opportunity to also create hyperlinks between stories linking them to additional photos and videos etc.

  69. Marissa Graham said

    The influence of technology is very prevalent in society. The increase in technology can be both beneficial and detrimental. I see the invention of the new iPad as a negative. When I was a teacher assistant at the local elementary science school they were teaching students how to copy and paste pictures instead of creating their own. However, I see the benefit of the new iPad because we are a very technology heavy generation and some might see the HD quality as a great improvement.

  70. Micayla O'Keefe said

    To think of how far the Ipad has come since 2010 and 2011 really shows how much they were not held back by having more versatility to its operating system. Apple has a way of seeing where the future is headed before it gets here, and they accommodate people in ways they didn’t know they would need. In the current day in age, the Ipad has dropped lower than Apple’s other products. Many people find the size inconvenient, which is ironic considering the direction smart phones are headed in. Before you know it, people are going to have phones the same size as an Ipad and not take notice to it.

  71. Jacob Duran said

    The iPad 2 is a great invention. This will be a great invention that will improve on it’s predecessor along with making some new additions to make this iPad stand out on it’s own. This will benefit numerous people around the world!.

  72. Damaris De La Paz said

    Inventions such as the iPad 2 have been revolutionizing the way audiences interact with some of the oldest mass media, this is because it is a piece of technology that has allowed for people to access information easier and faster than ever before. It allows for audiences to experience magazines at a whole new level with the usage of hyperlinks, videos, GIF’s, etc. It allows for the producers to develop a relationship with the consumer quicker and more efficiently than ever before, driving in sales and allowing for the mass production of such products.

  73. Keelan Bailey said

    I definitely think back then people had it right, the iPad would become to be one of the most sought after devices for mobile computing and e-reading, and it has. It is amazing what the device does for print media, the text is sharper than that of paper, and devoplers can deliver more content to users through the electronic device. With the iPad Mini introduced sometime in 2013, that became absolute best way to read print journalism such as books and magazines. Its also great that developers don’t have to worry about design flaws like those that could happen on web browsers and such. So I think the iPad has definitely changed the way not only I read magazines, but those of others as well.

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