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Popular Music’s Sad Legacy

Posted by prof e on July 23, 2011

The death of Amy Winehouse–from what some suspect was a drug overdose–may not come as much of a surprise to her fans or those who study popular culture. Sadly, too many aspiring young musicians have died early deaths as a result of addictive behavior and a hard-driving lifestyle. The phenomenon has  been chronicled in a 2009 book, The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll.
There’s also a movie, The 27 Club, based on the tragic and dangerous lifestyle that too many have tried, unsuccessfully, to live. Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

When you’re dead, you’re gone. You exist only in the minds of those you leave behind. You become a fragment of a story; a beginning, middle or end. Tom is dead. Elliot has been left behind. Tom was the front man of their successful band, Finn. He died on his 27th birthday. Elliot is left to decide if he, too, will join The 27 Club.

Members of the real-life 27 Club include, among others: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. A complete list is available here.

Music, an important social and cultural force, and the music industry have long attracted artists and creative minds that sometimes march to the beat of a different drummer. Add to that a lavish lifestyle and the trappings that come with fame and fortune and the outcome is sometimes too easy to predict. The need to succeed–which for many musicians is exemplified by an appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine–often eclipses more rational and reasonable needs that are part of a healthy lifestyle. It is sad to watch talented and creative musicians self-destruct. In some cases the downward spiral is quick and catches us off guard. For other, such as Winehouse, the signs have been present for quite some time.

August 24 Update: Toxicology reports indicate that illegal drugs are not responsible for the death of Winehouse leaving experts puzzled. However, the following from ABC News indicates that the evidence is not conclusive.

But Pittsburg forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht cautions against reaching a conclusion from the family’s statement.

“The fact that the family said no illicit drugs were found does not mean in and of itself other drugs obtained legally were not found,” Wecht told “Most drug deaths are from legally obtained drugs. That’s one caveat I would express in regard to the family’s statement.”

Bruce A. Goldberger, a toxicology professor at the University of Florida, said some prescription drugs, illicit drugs and “designer” drugs can escape detection.


51 Responses to “Popular Music’s Sad Legacy”

  1. Becca Guillen said

    Although I had no clue who Amy Winehouse was I still think its horrible to see any that young die unexpectedly. I think that the whole 27 Club thing is pretty crazy. I would have never even linked that all of them died at 27, and its especially sad if she did actually die of a drug overdose. It is so sad to see musicians that young living a life style like that and then the repercussions of it. I know personally I have someone extremely close to me pass way at a young age because of a drug overdose and that in itself shows what drugs can do. I think that as a mainstream musician it would be even worse, they live of a life of constant media exposure and the stress of that would get to them; I think that is why we see so many celebrities with drug problems. Regardless of Winehouse’s situation I think that her death is tragic.

  2. Lynnea Phillips said

    Unlike a lot of people my age that seem to be commenting on her death, I actually followed Amy Winehouse & listened to her music fairly regularly.. I knew of her history of drug use & also read of her personal life that included being in & out of rehab & also, for a time, being closely monitored by her parents. When I heard of her death I immediately thought that it must have been a drug overdose but after more research into the circumstances surrounding it I think that it might have been a strange case (the same category that I put Heath Ledger & Brittany Murphy’s deaths into). She allegedly had kicked drugs a while ago & was just a frequent user of alcohol, I’ve also read that she had a history of seizures due to the fact that her body was wrecked by her past drug use. Whatever the cause of the death I believe that she is just another unfortunate case of a very talented young artist that had many life destorying habits & that she has died too soon.

  3. Danita Wyatt said

    Wow this is truly sad. Even though I can’t say that I am a fan of Amy, it is always so sad to see a young life taken by drugs. I think that the kind of lifestyle that took her is becoming a huge epidemic to the newer generations. You don’t have to be a star or even famous to live this lifestyle and so many others have died just as young and maybe even younger. The fact that there is a book called The 27 Club is crazy because this book is going to be filled with story after story of people who died from drugs and alcohol. It kind of makes you wonder if people will ever learn and also what influences are these having or will have on future and present generations.

  4. Chelsy Smalley said

    It is sad that Amy Winehouse is dead because she was a young musician. It seems that many famous people die of drugs or alcohol because they for one have money to purchase it, and second might be because they have many stressful situations like poparotsy photographers always following them around. I didn’t know there was a book called, The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll and a movie called, The 27 Club. So when a famous musician passes away than they will be added to the club. That is crazy to have a book about musicians dieing of drugs or alcohol. Instead, I think there should be a book about musicians who have died in situations other than the use of drugs and alcohol. Adolescents don’t need to be reading books on musicians they liked and how they died from addiction of drugs or alcohol.

  5. Whitney Johnson said

    This is extremely sad that all of the older generation is outliving this current generation. I think that for Amy Winehouse the fame got to her a little too much. Most people think that because a person has money they are happy (money is the key to all happiness). Well this is not true , and its clearly illustrated by the celebrities of this generation. This is one of the reasons that I feel that I would rather be comfortable for the rest of my life rather than be rich. Wealth is forever while being rich is for the moment. My mother has always told me that being in the limelight is not always good because everything that glitters is not gold. There is a lot of things that come with the territory of being Famous, and obviousely that is one of the things that has attracted our generation the most. Our generation would rather be famous than recieve an education, which is completely crazy to me.

  6. Alex Hovet said

    I’ve personally never understood all of this. First I really don’t have an affinity for music it is merely background noise to me. I could care less what is playing from country to rap to classical to jazz it’s all the same to me. Then for me to say I actually care about the musician would be something else I have no idea who this person is. What I do think is sad is that these people of fame are influencing people to do so many wrong things. I believe that if you want to take on stardom you should be held to a higher standard. But what is typically seen is that these people do something wrong and then nothing happens to them. We need harsher punishments as a whole in this country. Our kids need to learn that if they want to do something that is bad for them then they will also take the consequences. This all needs to start happening with the people in Media they have the most influence over all generations, not just the youth. It’s a sad situation that America is in today.

  7. Dom Harris said

    Although I had no idea who Amy Winehouse was except through songs I have heard it is a great tragedy to her fans and her family of her unfortunate and untimely death. It is true that many famous people die at a very young age which should have been a warning to Amy as to why she should have watched the things she was doing and putting into her body. But what was more shocking then her death was how many other famous people have died at the same exact age of 27 but also when you look through the list of how specifically they died most of them are suicides of drug overdoses. This should also be a huge warning sign to all musicians with drug problems. Tomorrow is never promised.

  8. louie lozano said

    Amy winehouse was a rockstar. regardless if people heard or liked her music. and can say that EVERYONE in the industry does multiple drugs. it is a miracle that there arent more deaths. ive seen first hand how suddenley drugs can take a musicians life, or anyones life. Through all the stress that people in todays society face, from pressure so satisfy the public demand to make music, to pressure to work at an unhealthy rate just to make ends meet, people use drugs to get away from their life and enter a world where those stresses dont matter. im not advocating drug use or making any excuses for those that take them. yes it is sad that young people fall victim to this lifestyle, but whats even worse is that WE, us, society has created this lifestyle. We glorify musicians, actors, and heiresses, basically people with money. its perfectly normal for anyone that lives in our society to want to be part of the glamour we create. so they work work work untill their ritch then use that money to invest in a product that makes them feel good, because the money and the fame surely didnt satisfy their idea of what they were chasing! i blame our society for amywineshoues death, and for my friends death… “victims.. aren’t we all!”

  9. The death of Amy Winehouse was most likely a major blow to the image of the rockstar/music community. However the negative spin that they put on this story is degrading in my eyes. Sure the music industry is full of drugs, sex diseases, the fast life etc. however even without the superstar/rockstar personas, this type of lifestyle will exist regardless. My problem with this is that many kids look up to musical artist like Winehouse, and if they were to read this story it would definitley give off a negative effect, with the message basically being, if you’re a rockstar/famous musician your life is most likely heading in a downwards spiral. This is not the message that I believe should have been portrayed. It’s almost like the media wanted to implement a form of “fear appeal”, to boost magazine sales and also send a message to the youth of our generation in a not so professional manner.

  10. Greg Martin said

    The death of Amy Winehouse is a sad but a reality. She joins the 27 club with the likes of Kurt Cobain,Jim Morrison, etc. Mass Media makes these deaths huge issues as they should be. One perspective I saw was that her album “Back to Black” reentered the billboard top charts. This album is a few years old. It was a Grammy winning album that is going to be making more money because the woman died. This is kind of Ironic and wierd to think about that she will be making profits long after her death. Like the article says music is a powerful force and often it seems that the artist have to maintain a persona because they are a rocker. I don’t buy this statement, I believe these people either had a problem before they made it big or that they picked up the habbit along the way. Rockstars might feel like they are invincible toeverythhing because they are so popular and alot of positve things ghappen to them. At the end of the day no one is immortal and we all eventually have our demise just like everyone else.

  11. Alex Hovet said

    While most people are going away from the interpersonal some are striving to go the other way. The article was about the one of the last remaining independent video store Vidiots. They are focusing on more about the person then the masses. I think this is so important to what is going on in our times. People are telling everybody their thoughts but it’s behind a computer with no interpersonal communication. But Vidiots is going back to the Interactive style movie like the ever infamous Monty Python movies. This is an amazing step in the correct direction.

  12. Alex Hovet said

    Address for last post

  13. Adam said

    Although Amy Winehouse has left us too soon, her death should not, in my humble opinion, be mourned, but her life celebrated. I personally am unfamiliar with her work, in fact the only song I really ever heard from her was “Rehab”. She may have died at a young age yes, but take a look at how many people’s lives she touched, and the legacy she left behind. She and all other members of the 27 Club are immortalized in our culture. To see anyone of them or hear their voices you need only drive to your local record store and pick up an LP or a t-shirt. For the die hard fans I’m sure there’s something they used, wore, ate out of, etc, on ebay or amazon for the right price. I feel that it is our lives we should mourn. All the regular people. When we die we are survived only by a small circle of our friends, neighbors, and family. When our survivors pass our memories fade from existence and our names are forgotten. But the Winehouses, Joplins, and Cobains endure eternally.

  14. Karlee Weiler said

    Although this was extremenly sad, I dont find it surprising. While watching a mini documentary on her, I found out that she was into drugs way before her fame, and she was trying to work on it. I dont think it is appropriate to point the finger mainly at musicians for the over use of drugs, actors and actresses are also high on that list, as well as some athletes. Musicians only seem to be the ones that outwardly come out with their drug use in lyrics or just by the way they act. The other celebrities seem to hide it better. I feel it is unfair that these celebrities even have to resort to drugs in order to make their life a little easier. The way we bombard these people and invade their whole life is depressing and I am sure this is partly the reason they party and do the things that they do.

    Karlee Weiler

  15. Katy Carpio said

    Throughout history there has been a pretty substantial correlation between artistry (of any kind) and instability. While famous musicians may have been more hard-partying than their less well-known counterparts, the ideas of creation externally and destruction internally do seem to be linked inextricably. As the power of the media has made the world grow smaller and smaller, the pressure seems to be on artists like this one more and more. Now that the dominating force of media seems to be Internet-driven, and updates about a celebrity’s downward spiral can be posted and read in real time, I would expect an increasing percentage of young talent to crack either slowly or rapidly under the pressure. Our psychology isn’t set up for 24/7 global media scrutiny. Add that to the instability that seems to be inherent in artists, and there is a recipe for disaster.

  16. Emily K. George said

    I have never been a big fan (or fan at all for that matter) of Amy Winehouse. And to tell the truth, the first I heard of her death was through facebook. While not entirely unexpected, her death did seem kind of sudden, at least to those like me who did not keep up on the life of Amy Winehouse. I was aware that she was quite into drugs and alcohol even before she had become well known. And while there it is being said that she died from a drug overdose, there is also speculation that it might have actually been withdrawal from alcohol. While it may be prejudiced to say, it has been quite well known that a lot of popular rock and roll bands and musicians had a close association with drugs and/or alcohol. This seems to be an ongoing struggle with not only the musicians, but the celebrities as well. Now as to why this might be, I am not entirely sure. Maybe they do it because of all the famous singers and songwriters before them that did it and they’re attempting to follow their legacy. Maybe they really truly cannot cope with the living the life of a famous person. I don’t know; I am not famous, nor do I ever plan to be. As for the 27 Club speculation, I was not entirely aware that there even was such a thing. Maybe she really wanted to be a part of that. I can only imagine the pressure of being famous; of being someone that thousands of people admire and look up to. Everybody wants to be noticed and remembered. This may have been her way of gaining that attention, that remembrance.

  17. Mitch Uhland aka (Flash) aka (Barry Allen) said

    Amy Winehouse was undoubtedly one of the youngest music artists in the world. She was inspiring, gorgeous, motivating, and fun. Unfortunately she went too fast for her own good and couldn’t keep up with the life of a rock and roller. At the age of 27, she joined the many musicians and rock and roll artists that overdosed at a young age and ended their career before it even began. Not even surprised, her fans continue to listen to her hit song, Rehab. (Ironically about drugs and overdosing.) Does anybody else see a problem with this?

  18. How sad, another musician leaves us feeling so empty. She was young and her music was well liked. I am not personally familiar with any of Amy’s music, but may have caught it listening to satellite radio in my car. Her name has been in the news lately a lot and this is very sad. So much to live for and so much light to bring to the world, she is missed by many. The group of influential musicians who die at the age of 27 is called the “27 Club”, or “Club 27”, or “Curse of 27” and she is now a part of it. Her music will live on long in the memories of those who adored her and hopefully, as this club adds her name to the list of 35 or so who are on it already, public awareness will emerge about how to help those among us who need it.

  19. Vanessa Emerson said

    Any time pop idols lose their life based on drugs or substances it is always an emerging thing and brings much to light about the people we put in that spot light. Often we find that in society the ones that do die of drugs or substances many people are aware those people have a problem .The issue is no one could help them. There are few cases like the man who played joker in batman that we realizes that they are facing battles much like the ones common people have. Ami Wine house despite her talent portrayed by the media as a anorexic druggy alcoholic many feel it was a something that no one is able to stop and then you see where people then always bring up the long list of artists that have been caught in drama and the long list of artists that have died. I think we question a lot of the lifestyles that they live and in some ways the media portrays that all artists can or sometimes are lumped in the same group. I feel that same stations occurs when people say all rock stars and drug addicts all rappers some weed and all basketball players cheater one situation.

  20. Isaac Davidson said

    I too followed the music of Amy WineHouse and I can say that she was truly a gifted individual. she had a powerful voice that, at least to me, was un paralleled and reminded me of Janis Joplin (another artis who died way too young. I feel it is a bit unfair the way the media portrayed the whole incident. We know she did drugs, we know she “didn’t want to go to rehab”. But there is no need to constantly degrade her after death. It’s was a choice she made and paid the consequences for, We don’t need to pound her for it. We need to let her rest in peace and pay our respect to someone the music industry will truly miss.

  21. George Scheaffer said

    I never really cared for Amy Winehouse. Ever since I heard her first single – fitting as it was about rehab – I despised her as a person. She just started in the music business and was already in the declining stage. Hell, she was even banned from the US! When I heard that she died, I wasn’t surprised in the least. It was something that the world already knew was going to happen too soon, and yet the the people that listened to the artist’s ramblings that they call music were still caught off guard. Really? That was like when Clay Aiken finally confessed saying he was gay. We already knew that.
    This is why I want to permanently deter from drugs though, because all it gives you is temporary happiness and a premature one-way ticket to the grave.

  22. Sadly it is not really a surprise that Amy Winehouse died a drug related death. Her struggles with drugs along with how she glorified them in her songs was a strong indicator as to who would be the winner in the end. Even worse is the assumption that to be famouse one has to practically sell their soul to the devil. The constant media attention on the famous has started a bad habit of “acting out” in a ploy for more attention then they already have. In addition the constant criticism from the viewing media at large has had a negative influence. When a star cannot meet their viewers approval they often turn to drugs or drink to cope. The death of Amy Winehouse was tragic, and she will not be forgotten

  23. Sadly it is not really a surprise that Amy Winehouse died a drug related death. Her struggles with drugs along with how she glorified them in her songs was a strong indicator as to who would be the winner in the end. Even worse is the assumption that to be famouse one has to practically sell their soul to the devil. The constant media attention on the famous has started a bad habit of “acting out” in a ploy for more attention then they already have. In addition the constant criticism from the viewing media at large has had a negative influence. When a star cannot meet their viewers approval they often turn to drugs or drink to cope. The death of Amy Winehouse was tragic, and she will not be forgotten.

  24. Mike Marino said

    It is very sad to see someone of such talent die. Words can’t describe what a tragedy it is when someone like Amy Winehouse dies, she was a very talented individual who could have changed the music realm because of such raw talent that she had. But the problem with i with music artiest is that the media shows them drinking or broadcasts that “so and so” got put into jail this week because of drugs, drinking and driving, or exposing themselves in public. Now when teen and young adults that listen to theses same music artiest that are getting in trouble because of drugs or alcohol “they” (the fans) think that it’s also ok for them to do the same things that theses famous artiest are doing. Thats is because of mass media and they way they go about exploiting the matter. They are saying that it is ok to do drugs and it is ok to wash your problems away with alcohol and that is why you see a lot of teens in bad situation. I am not blaming the media of their choices but they do have a role in young teen lives now-a-days. It’s proof even in the very beginning of the article when it says “may not come as much of a surprise to her fans or those who study popular culture.” If you teared that apart that looked at it you can see that it she was doing drugs and her “fans” new that she was. So if her fans that looked up to her and idled her what do you think they were doing? Any ways i am not bashing Amy Winehouse what so ever it is sad that such talent was lost but it is by the mass media that makes it look worse than it already is. Mass media is a great thing sometimes and in other cases it’s not.

  25. Jordan Boehme-DeCew said

    The world of R&B was certainly altered by this talented young woman. She did not have a fantastic voice (thank you, cigarettes, for tainting it), but her ability to create songs that were soulful and hit the listener right in his/her core, is to be admired. I was never a huge fan of her as a person, but I did respect her musical ability. She was a straight-up performer. She always put on a show. Her presence, on the stage and off, in a music video, on a magazine, was also an incredible feat. I wish I knew how long it took her to rat up her hair in such an atrocious mess, or how much makeup she went through weekly to impress upon people that she was a feline-vixen. Amy Weinhouse was all about image and creating herself and, possibly, trying to fit in. I’m sure that once fame takes over, drugs come pouring in and it is easy to get hooked. If I were her family, I would not be proud of her lifestyle, but I would, and am, impressed with how she changed the world of music.

  26. Kendra Whittlef said

    When I first heard Amy Winehouse passed away, I was a bit shocked, yet it didn’t surprise me it went at a young age. Yes, it is sad to hear people dying at young ages, but the only person they have to blame for that is themselves. When I was reading about her death, I automatically assumed it was all the drugs and other things she has been taking recently in the past years. Hearing that no drugs were involved in her death, made me think that can’t be correct. From all the drugs she had been taking, you can’t tell me that none of those were involved. Part of me right there wants to believe that is not true, something in those drugs had to do at least a little part of her death, but yet, that just me.

  27. Dustin Yourishin said

    I do believe that Amy Winehouse’s passing is tragic. She finally was (or at least seemed to be) on the road to recovery. I’ve heard speculation that prescription drugs are what killed her, and I’ve also heard that she may have died from withdrawal from stopping the drugs suddenly. Although her death at the age of 27 does technically put her in the 27 club, I don’t think she will ever be remembered as one of the elite of the 27 club. She’s a very talented musician, but she just cant compete with the likes of Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and Cobain. However, she will be sorely missed as a musician and I can’t help but wonder what else she could have produced if she had lived longer.

  28. Alvarez,T. said

    It was definitely a sad day when the young and talented Amy Winehouse passed away. After being informed of Winehouse’s death it wasn’t very suprising because the first thought in many minds including my own all lead to the cause of her passing from a drug related incident.They are always in the publics eye and at some point it does take a toll on them. Take a look at many mainstream artists and their drug/alcohol addictions. The result that we see is the habbits increase because of excessive exposure to the media. Winehouse had been on that track from the moment I discovered her music and read a little about her when her stardom shot through the roof. Even to this day it is indeed very tragic to lose someone like Winehouse in the music industry. Although she may have not been up the high caliber in music in the times of Joplin, Hendrix, Cobain and the many others of the 27 club, she was still very prominent to the generation of today. She will definitely be missed.

  29. Alexandra Richardson said

    Well their are a lot of musicians in and out of the spotlight those who die at 27 are not necessarily apart of some weird and mysterious trend but people die at any age due to anything just because their is a pattern for musicians dying at 27 doesn’t mean its weird their are people that die at 16-18 due to drinking and driving just because their not famous they don’t make any special lists and usually musicians that are famous tend to make a lot of money very quickly and have a lot more free time dropping their part time cashier job on a record that sells for over 4 million so clearly their going to have more money than their used to why not spend it on the things that many people would if they had that kind of free time and money?

  30. jrmcclain said

    Amy Winehouse was from a different generation of musicians than I was familiar with. However I felt about her music, what I did feel was the unique way she was able to communicate with her audience through her specific style. She was unique and she was also very human and she sang about her faults, her fears and her life as all musicians do in their own way. I respect that about her. Was she troubled in many ways — the answer here is yes, but hers was a very visible troubling due in large part to the technolgy advances of the media in the last 20 years, many things that were very common in the past are the same today…..the difference is that due to new levels of communication the world over, all of these musician issues are now very obvious to everyone. Amy was not all that different from many musicians that are still living today…..they have this intense creative and very talented side to them that is somehow matched with personal issues that they cannot escape from. I cannot say that her untimely death was totally unexpected… looking back you can now see all the warning signs….but not everyone in this world is meant to live to 100 and she was meant to live to age 27. The 27 club could be any club, but this is the one that Amy belongs to now and forever.

  31. Courtney Tafoya said

    it’s so sad that fame takes over these young beautiful souls with talent. although i wasn’t a huge fan of amy’s i still find this tragic. she was only 27, there’s so many more years to life then that! this is just another fatal drug addiction, sometimes people are just too far gone to come back to reality. so sad, but true. the 27 club is disturbing, like i said, that’s so young. it’s not fsir, but if that’s God’s plan for them, we can’t change it.

  32. Donovan R said

    we well always remember Amy Whinehouse, an amazing singer and muscian. Its sad too see drugs were apart of this death, she had so many things going for her. But will always remember her.

  33. Missi Netzer said

    The death of Amy Winehouse, was terribly unfortunate and it is sad when anyone passes away, however the death of a individual who has been in rehab multiple times and even has a song about going to rehab for drug use is not out of the orinary or unexpected. Amy Winehouse had a lot of bad publicity during her time in the limelight, cancelling shows and so many photos of her stumbling and looking a mess, and I don’t think it surprised many people when she passed. Toxicology reports aside generally a death of someone this young and who has has drug problems many times, the death is going to deal with altered substances if there is not other explanation. I personally am not a fan but she will live on through her music and those who listen to it.

  34. taelor said

    Seeing someone that young with such good music pass away is really upsetting. i feel like so many young adults die today from the use of drinking or drug ovedose. when all these young artist tak about using drugs, getting high, getting wasted, and making dumb decisions, i think some of what they has an influence on what other kids do. most kids sit around and drink and listen to all of the songs that talk about drinking which makes i fun. especially when you are in college going to parties listening to the loud music, you want to do what everyone else is doing. i personally like todays music for the beats and sounds but it might influence other young adults.

  35. Justin Shalinsky said

    I’m not too sure who Amy Winehouse was exactly, but from what I’ve heard she was a very talented person. The rock and roll lifestyle that many musicians and other entertainers make today can have a deathly affect on how they live. It’s tragic to see anyone die young but the fact that it could of been avoided by just avoiding drugs makes it even more so. I believe that young kids see how these entertainers live their life with drugs and alcohol and it actually influences them that to be like them they have to do it as well. Entertainers that are doing this are setting a bad example for those who look up to them.

  36. Lyric Hassler said

    What a great talent Amy Winehouse was. It is always a shame to see a thriving star pass away. She has definitely made her mark on the world and will forever be remembered. In some way, I wasn’t too surprised by her death because of her crazy lifestyle. I would hope that this possibly opens the eyes of some teen musicians or actors to not fall into such bad habits.

  37. Jade Lopez said

    The death of Amy Winehouse is a very sad story, but the thing that makes it worse is that with the rate “rockstars” are dying these days, It is not a huge suprise knowing Winehouse was gone. When looking back into the early 70’s most performers consumed themselves with drugs and alcohol but it didn’t seem to worry most people as it does today. Today, journalists are able to notify the world about what the star was intoxicated with, when they consumed it, the date they were checked into rehab, the day they became sober, and finally the date of their death, and all of this has become as easy as writing down the things you need at the grocery store. the performers are setting bad examples for future performers, and making writers very rich.

  38. Although I agree that Amy Winehouse’s death is unfortunate and tragic, it is part of her legacy as an extraordinary musician. Her music was a reflection of her life, soulful, excessive, and full of truth. I believe that the reason most of the people in the 27 club were successful in their work is because they lived there lives to the extreme and had no sensor. To quote a member of the 27 club
    “it’s better to burn out than to fade away.” – Kurt Cobain. This mentality has lead to some amazing artists.

  39. Aron Harris said

    I agree that the death of Amy Winehouse is tragic and untimely. I do listen to her music and find it surprinsing that she died at a young age of 27. However it should be a warning sign to any celeb or star that they might not have a great lifestyle. To look at the 27 club and not be warned by the signs is very sad. It just shows what common in many great artists.

  40. Selina Stokes said

    It is always sad when a large fan base loses an idol. In the music industry, especially, those who have passed away become even more famous after death. It seems as though there is no massively communicated even in a musician’s life than his or her death. After death, a famous musician is made even more famous by the press publicizing the death as if it were the greatest achievement in his or her life. For example, Michael Jackson has made $1 billion dollars since he died in 2009. These sales were unheard of in such a short amount of time while he, the King of Pop, was alive. It isn’t quite as drastic for Amy Winehouse, but the concept is the same. I know that I personally never listened to her music until after I heard that she died. The easy access to music media that we enjoy today also made this possible.

  41. Sharlee Lopez said

    It’s not easy to be a celebrity in today’s world. There are good and bad benefits that come from being a celebrity. I think the bad out weigh the good. Privacy is something I cherish, and to have to deal with everyone in my business judging me is no way to live. They may be rich, but money can’t make someone truly happy. I can understand why so many celebrites develop drug habits and mental disorders. Yes it’s unfortunate that so many do die young, but now Amy Winehouse is a house hold name and proably making more money then when she was alive. That is just how show business works folks. Believe Whitney Houston when she says, ” Crack is wack.”

  42. Raeanna Vasquez said

    It is always a hard to hear that someone passed away. Amy Winehouse was an Idol, but was not really famous until after she was gone. Many people started listening to her music after her death, makin jokes about goin to rehab. People still make jokes saying she is so many days sober, which is wrong in my mind. According to the toxicology reports she did not die from drug overdose.

  43. Quayshaun Coleman said

    Its sad to see someone who had such a passion for the art of music pass without reaching their full potential. Amy Winehouse was and incredible musician but was delt a bad hand when it came to her lifestyle decisions. But, she was on the way to reaching her full potential and was about to make a killing in the rock world. The GREAT go too soon and its sad to know that we as music consumers will not hear her passion and love for music anymore.

  44. Viola Vineyard said

    Society does this to its young famous people I think. They are always being watched, criticized about what they do, wear, go, or who the do things with. I believe they love the attention, but how much is too much? I am not making excuses by any means for those celebrities who do drugs, its wrong no matter who you are. However the stresses of being under the public eye sometiimes 24-7, can push people to do unethical things. So in all i believe it is partially the publics fault, and partially the medias fault there is an actual 27 club, and that such a term does exist.

  45. Krystle Cano said

    The death of Amy Winehouse did not come as a shock. Everyone who is educated in the entertainment news knew that Winehouse suffered from addiction. Nevertheless she was an amazing artist who died much too early. She was extremely talented with many fans. I remembering finding out about her death over Facebook. One of my friends was and still is a huge fan of Winehouse, and her status read, ” I’m mourning the loss of Amy Winehouse like a sister.” Out of curiosity I looked up more of Winehouse’s music and was surprised at what a true artist she really was. Her story is sad, but it leaves us with a lesson. She gained many fans with the ending of her life.

  46. Ian Walker said

    The “Rock ‘n Roll” lifestyle that is apparently associated with those in the 27 Club is a bit of a misconception in my opinion. Yes, rockstars tend to use drugs, party excessively and whatnot, but many other ‘normal’ people do this as well. Plenty of normal people have died at 27 for reasons similar to those that rockstars (and other pop culture icons) have. It’s generally because the famous have the light on them that an issue is made.

  47. Steven Medina said

    The death of Amy Winehouse was very sad to hear about. Anybody who i hear about on the radio, tv, newspaper, etc who is killed is such a hard feel to take in. It’s even more depressing to see the death was because of wrong actions, actions that could have been prevented or stopped. Not just Amy Winehouse, but anyone is fighting an addiction is very sad to see, especially with young adults and kids my age. They should not throw away their lives with drugs or drinking away their pain. With an artist who has so much money and in reality not many people to call “friends”, you have no other outlet besides music or whatever helps you feel happy. I’m so sorry for all of those who go through this kind of pain.

  48. Justin Haddan said

    I didn’t even know who Amy Winehouse was til she passed away. From what I have read her death was no surprise based on her life style. Having not heard of her I don’t think she belongs in the 27 club but I don’t know much about it. Musicians are very powerful in this day and age. People are always listening to music and trying to relate to it so it is a tragic loss to the musical industry.

  49. Tyler Stone said

    Before her death I had only heard of Amy Winehouse’s name one time and even then I didn’t care. Two days later everyone had suddenly not only heard of her but it was blown all over Facebook like a national tradgedy, like everyone had just lost a best friend. Media has blown this way out of proportion she was a slightly better than average artist with a drug addiction and had been for a long time. As far as the 27 club I’m surprised there’s not more that died on the list with all the acid, cocaine, LSD, and all these other drugs that were rampant in the late 60’s to the early 80’s. Amy Winehouse’s death wasn’t a tragedy she had a problem and she knew it wasn’t healthy but she still did it. I get that it is an addiction and by no means am I trying to speak ill of the dead. I just feel like personally if you knew you were addicted and you had the money to get proffesional help and overcome it than maybe you should get help until you fully overcome it.

  50. Victoria Gibson said

    Regardless of what types of drugs were found in her system she was still at one point a drug addict. I respect artists and anyone that wants to turn their life around but in many cases celebrities don’t. Anymore in America and the media, when someone is even suspected of doing drugs everyone bashes on them to no end, and when they turn up deceased they are made a hero. Of course no one wants to say anything bad about people that have passed tragically but lets face it, Amy was no Princess Diana. I am all for poeple sharing their stories and getting better and or sober through a process but we continuously praise bad behavior even after a celebrity has died from such acts. When you hear of a celebrity or music artist doing drugs or getting arrested or even dying in this case it doesn’t phase anyone any more. How many more people have to be an example of drugs kill before people stop praising their actions when they die?

  51. Nik S. said

    I was never a big Amy Winehouse fan. With that said its still easy for me to respect her body of musical work and aknowledge her as an exceptional performer. Unfortunatley, Amy couldnt find a way to beat her addiction. And, as with other members of the 27 club, had their careers and lives cut short due to drug use. When stars who are still relatively young come into fame and suddenly have money to support their addictions things like this are bound to happen. Hopefully we will begin to learn from the tragic losses of stars such as Winehouse and not continue to praise drug use among celebs.

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