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Help Us, Please, Somebody Help Us

Posted by prof e on October 3, 2015

What’s more fun than going out to a baseball game? Well, for a group of sorority sisters from Arizona State University the only thing more fun than the game was taking selfies. While the game continued in the background, the TV crew and commentators became mesmerized watching the gals enjoy their cell phones. The commentators offered their own perspective, calling for someone to “help us, please…somebody help us.” They went on to ask for an intervention, suggesting that someone go out and “collect all the phones.”

This raises serious questions about several issues:

  1. What is appropriate cell phone behavior at your local __________ (insert public venue of your choice)?
  2. Is living life through your smart phone screen a viable substitute for living life without the assistance of technology?
  3. Does the announcers’ commentary cross a line into public shaming? And if so, is that an appropriate response?
  4. Why is social media so obsessed with calling people out for what is perceived bad behavior (on the part of either the gals or the commentators)?

Here are two of the comments I read on posts about this topic:

Yeah, the announcers are correct. You are completely wrong and asinine. We have a pathetically Narcissistic, ego-manically infantile society. Selfies are the most disgusting revelation of the new century. People used to take pictures of other people, places, things… Now they just take pictures of themselves.


How mature of a bunch of middle aged me to mock girls for doing what girls do. They should stick to baseball comments and stop bullying people.


4 Responses to “Help Us, Please, Somebody Help Us”

  1. Savannah said

    1. Concert
    2. When I go to a concert, the absolute worst thing is when their is a person in front of me recording the entirety of the concert on their cell phone. Its not so much that I actually care about their purpose as to why they are recording the concert, but when they are in front of me (I am 5 feet tall) I get distracted from the show I paid good money to go and watch. It makes me sad because it seems like people can not just live in the moment and enjoy life anymore because of technology(smartphones).
    3. I think that this is a sad reality that we live in. Everywhere we look, people are glued to their technology. I do not think that the commentators crossed any boundaries. I hope that these sorority sisters from ASU have a bit of a wake up call as to how ridiculous it is to be on your cell phone during a public outing like a baseball game.

  2. Brock Campbell said

    I thought this video was pretty funny because it is hilarious to see how transfixed this generation is with technology. Its not good enough anymore just to live your life, we have to live this second life on social media and portray this perfect image of ourselves. You don’t need to selfie every single moment in your life to justify you had a good time or try to compete for “LIKES” to justify that you’re popular.

  3. Cortland Gillum-Randolph said

    If people wanna pay money to attend an event to take pictures of themselves, then we should let them. I hate the fact that they had no clue what was happening around them but at least the had enough pictures at the game to say they went.

  4. Yessi Estrada said

    I think a cellphone may be appropriate to use if only it is used correctly, for example I don’t think a funeral should ever have a phone took it out whatsoever For when you’re at dinner and the movies and depending on the class. Person I know some classes that allow it and they like the idea of mixing technology with learning but for concerts games I think it’s appropriate to use at certain times but not wasting your life away by using it throughout then entire event if you’re going to pay to go to a game or concert or event you should enjoy it and take it in and not live on your phone it’s understandable to snap a few tech or update everyone allow him to see that you are at the location because in this generation that’s what we do but spending the majority of time on your phone I think that is just inhumane to yourself and to the rest of the people and so one. And I think it’s important that this got so much attention because it makes people realize that they could be considered under this category of young teenagers always on their phone and he could be a turning point for them but also I think the announcers went a little too far

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