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The Magic of the Moment

Posted by prof e on November 19, 2015

A precious moment was captured with a video camera and microphone, and then shared for the world to see. There are many ways to document reality—to capture a moment in time and preserve it for others to experience. A painting, a photograph, a quote, a poem, a story; they all have their own way of capturing reality so that others can experience something similar to the experience of actually having been there. This is one of those moments that, had it not been captured, would still have been precious and significant. But the fact that it was captured at a time when the power of digital technology and social media have been fully unleashed on this global village we call home makes it precious and significant for millions.


One Response to “The Magic of the Moment”

  1. Chianna Schoenthaler said

    The Magic of the Moment I feel directly impacts what we are learning about in the topic of journalism today. This post shows how much stories have shifted from a more print manner over to a digital manner. As found of page 85 of the textbook, it explains how newspaper are shifting over to not only a print paper but also having a digital publication. The textbook mentions about how companies are having to find a way to cater to lifestyles. I believe this post shows how they (journalist) are catering to lifestyles because it’s in digital form. Today, people are more likely to watch a video than read post due to the shift in societal norms. Society is constantly altering and changing but it is how journalist keep up with the pace that keeps the news alive.

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