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Roll Out the Red Carpet: It’s Time for the Media Awards Shows

Posted by prof e on February 14, 2016

AwardsThe 58th Grammy Awards show tomorrow night, Feb 15th, continues the awards show season that started with the Golden Globe Awards show broadcast on January 10th. Next up will be the movie industry’s gala, the 88th Academy Awards show, (aka, the Oscars), scheduled for February 28th. Two smaller awards programs, the iHeartRadio Music Awards show and the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards, will air in April. TV’s big night, the Emmy Awards, will air sometime in the fall season.

These awards shows are an opportunity for media executives and celebrities to take a stroll on the red carpet while they pat each other on the back. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but the hoopla is mostly an insider’s party that the public is allows to watch from the sidelines. (Of, if you’re really lucky, up close as a seat filler.)

If you like music, movies, and TV there will likely be something for you to enjoy. But there will also be performances and awards that will just as likely make you wonder what else is on. These awards shows are all about pop media content, but the range is pretty broad and not to everyone’s taste.

However, if you need a reason to tune in here are a few.

Grammys: 1) Taylor v Kendrick, 2) you’ll get to see a number from the Broadway show Hamilton, and 3) Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie.

The Academy Awards: 1) will be hosted this year by Chris Rock, which is particularly newsworthy because of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and the calls to boycott by leading black actors, and 2) Leonardo DiCaprio is up for an Oscar for The Revenant, and 3) the outfits.


3 Responses to “Roll Out the Red Carpet: It’s Time for the Media Awards Shows”

  1. James Makowski said

    I am personally not a fan of these award shows, it could also be I don’t really understand who votes for who wins each award and things like that. I think things like this in our society are more of a popularity contest and somewhere to show off rather than truly honoring those who deserve it. I think today instead of these award shows being used as a way to truly show that a person has achieved something it is just a way these actors, artists, and athletes are using to show something through a mass medium that will spread like a wildfire. It creates sometimes unnecessary drama, not saying that the black lives matter stuff fits in this category, one example I can use is the whole Taylor Swift and Kanye West deal. That was a whole issue and it was not necessary, they see the award shows to gain popularity and to shout out the things they feel they should shout out. Why do they have to wear these expensive crazy outfits instead of wearing an elegant dress or a tuxedo. The shows integrity is being broken by people who want to outshine others and that is not right.

  2. Karin "Aimee" Torrez said

    Considering that when television first became a medium of the general public in the 50s, a lot of what people watched on it had to do with major historical events across the country. Civil Rights movements with speakers like Martin Luther King, the first moon landing and since then with other major events such as the Vietnam War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, along with major weather catastrophes, the Grammy awards just goes to show exactly where we have come in the 60 years since.

    Although we still experience major events on television sets throughout the country, there are so many happening on a daily basis, it seems to misconstrue the importance of these events. Seeing Hurricane Katrina victims non-stop for 24 hours straight makes it numbing to most individuals. When you first witness the devastation that is shown, it is heartbreaking. Then, after hours upon hours of interviews with victims and showing people stranded atop a house with no relief in sight from a helicopter, people move on and switch the channel.

    The Grammy awards seem to be a “fluff” type show that in actuality is only for Hollywood actors/actresses that have participated in movies that are nominated. It is a “Who’s Who” of that profession. They keep trying to make it relevant with hosts, acts, and filling it with different genres to try and entertain everyone. With so many more options that cable has brought to television land in recent years, I would think that the numbers for Grammy type shows would be down, and the company that broadcasts it would take that into account and maybe show it at a different time of day and not live. Maybe for the diehards, a Pay Per View type showing would be more appropriate?

    The future of mainstream TV is getting harder to recognize with the premium cable selections. Viewers are more than willing to pay for channels like HBO and Cinemax just to watch programs like Game of Thrones and also to pay for services such as Netflix to watch Narcos or other shows like this. Whether it is to keep up with what the Jones’ are watching, or they want more variety, it is happening at a steady rate (Goodbye Blockbuster).

  3. Karley Whiteman said

    I believe that award shows are just public pleas for celebrities to get more attention. The awards are great but in reality most awards are known already, but the event is put on just for more income and to bring the spotlight back to themeselves. In class we talk about filters and media showing us what they want. Much like radio stations there is only a small amount of actual content and the rest is fillers. A majority of the shows is people playing music, and commercials. Only a small portion is actually the awards being given out despite that being the point of the night. I believe they are just trying to make money rather than actually give out awards and recognize the hard work.

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