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Happy National Radio Day

Posted by prof e on August 20, 2016

Seems like everything and everyone is now entitled to its own National Day and 15 seconds of fame. Today it is radio in the spotlight. About 100 years old, radio is pretty old-school when it comes to mass media choices in a world of smart phones and social media. But while geriatric radio is not ready for retirement. If anything radio continues to confound those who thought that TV, then the internet, would kill it.

If anything radio has been forced to adapt with the times. Commercial radio is still a strong option during drive time (mornings and afternoons when many of us are trapped in our cars commuting to/from work). Others, like construction workers, often listen to the radio while on the job. But for many of us personal music playlists or streaming music services have stepped in to fill the void when a radio is readily available.

Rev89, the Mass Comm department’s radio station can be heard over the air, or streaming online at their website. We’ll talk about radio and how you can become involved with Rev89 in a few weeks. But for today, celebrate National Radio Day and visit their website.


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