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Not Safe for Advertising?

Posted by prof e on September 3, 2016

We’ve all seen the acronym NSF, which stands for Not Safe for Work. YouTube has generally been pretty careful to ensure that content on its site is devoid of overtly offensive material. But now they’ve gone a step further to protect advertisers who may be squeamish about appearing alongside content that pushes the boundaries. A new policy announced by YouTube allows them to remove certain videos from their monetization program if the contents of the videos is potentially offensive to advertisers.

YouTube producers are pushing back claiming the new policies are too strict and have a chilling effect on their creative output. According to AdAge, “On Wednesday, YouTube video creator Philip DeFranco, with 4.5 million subscribers, said he was put on the no-ad list after he mocked ‘political correctness.'”

According to Google’s guidelines, videos with the intent to “inform or entertain” and more likely to get a pass than those intended to “offend or shock.”

This is nothing new for websites and apps that rely on user-generated content. Again, according to AdAge,

The video site is just the latest to find itself embroiled in a social media battle with voices that oppose “political correctness” or claim free-speech violations over any pushback to their activities on a given platform. Last month, right-wing advocate Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter for allegedly leading a bullying blitz against “SNL” and “Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones.

Here’s a link to a somewhat lengthy video (the first 4 min is about this issue, but the rest is pretty informative on related topics) from DeFranco that explains his position. (warning: graphic language)



2 Responses to “Not Safe for Advertising?”

  1. Jacob Sisneros-Baca said

    I believe that issues like the one brought up here reflects on what we are learning currently in class. YouTube used to be mainly user based and most of the content was more basic and side projects. But now its become so much bigger than the little website it originated from. Thanks to AdSense, YouTube content creators can earn ad money by playing ads before and during there videos. The creators are able to turn the video production for the site into a full time job and dedicate all there time to there channels. This allows the content to become more professional which is needed to keep viewership up and the money flowing in. Now Youtubers must make sure there content doesn’t break any of the ad guidelines so they wont lose out on any money. I believe this is making what was once a very personal, user based website, into more of a corporate, TV-like form of entertainment. Content creators can no longer just produce what they want, they must conform so they meet the guidelines and bring in enough views to make any money from the site. New creators who are just trying getting there foot in the door are being over shadowed by the big channels with high budgets and huge followings. In a few years I believe that YouTube will completely loose its personal touch and just turn out to be another corporate mass medium.

  2. Isabella chacon said

    YouTube has been the most immediate source for people to voice there opinions with out filter to any range of people they want. With the new laws it almost takes away the freedom people have to not be politically correct or speak how they feel. Everything has rules and guidelines and certain edicate that should be followed. But what really is the point of having an open medium like YouTube if it isn’t really you?

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