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Mass Communication, [multi]media, methodology and much, much more!

About prof. e.

This is a blog by professor Samuel Ebersole (prof. e.) at CSU-Pueblo, in Pueblo, Colorado. He teaches in the Mass Communication department, principally in the areas of new media and media studies. You can find his home page here, follow him on Twitter @profebersole, or “like” his Media & Society page on Facebook.


6 Responses to “About prof. e.”

  1. Alex Timmons said

    This is a great blog. I hate blogs. this one I can stomach. Thanks

  2. Hi im Emily Sanchez a new student in MCCNM101 im hoping this class will be a favorite? =]

  3. Nick Montalbano said

    Im a student in your Media and Society class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am. I really enjoy your blog and hope to see more in the future. Your a very interesting man with alot of background in this field.

  4. Ronnie said

    Hi Dr E.,

    I hope all is well.

    I’m writing to ask you about the superficial attention the U.S media is giving to the “protests” in Egypt. There is blatant intellectual fraud being commited in this coverage, and Egypt is only one of several examples of REVOLUION spreading throughout the world. Our closest ally, Brittain, is arguably cultivating the seeds of violent revolution as well, and I venture to say that it’s because the average Brit is slightly better informed than the average American. As the spirit of revolution grows, how effective do you think our media will be at continuing to control our citizens? Would ya be willing to consider a friendly wager? I also wondered if you would consider it a relevant topic to today’s college students, or if you might agree that they’re too subdued (or stupid) to ponder anything but the pornographic underpinnings of MTV’s latest teen drama, Skins?

    All joking aside, thanks for the space.

  5. Frankie said

    Hi Dr E.

    I made this prediction a month ago, and I’m seeing more indicators lately. My bet is that Pawlenty will win the nom from the GOP in 2012. The conservative think tanks launched the tea-party strategy really early on and Pawlenty has been lurking in the shadows calculating his strategy. He’ll have to keep the tea-party symbols like Palin, Bachman and others at arms length yet close enough so he can pretend to be a reformer, but he’ll have to distance himself from that sort near the end to win the middle. Just wanted to document my nonesense to see how it pans out.

    Awesome topics as of late by the way! Too bad there’s not much cognitive complexity on college campuses these days. Just kiddin!

    Thanks for runnin a great blog.

  6. Michael said

    Hi, Prof E! Hope the summer was a blast for you and yours. Been a long time since my inner troll has visited, but I wanted to drop by. Looks like my Pawlenty prediction was too premature. He couldn’t get his PR campaign off the ground, but the GOP quickly realized they needed a guy with more swag to beat the O. I thought they were going to go the pseudo-intellectual route with Pawlenty in order to compete, but they opted for the Dubya, version 3.0, instead. But does it really matter? Is there reason to think there’s much of a difference from one candidate to the next, one party over the other?

    Cheers, doc!

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